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A thank you from Gogo to Delta SkyMiles members


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Originally Posted by Jaimito Cartero View Post
I don't want to hear anything while traveling. Once the door closes, nothing would please me more than a cone of silence. Instead of the non-smoking sign, they should replace it with a STFU logo.
I'm with you on that... which is why I never leave home without my noise-cancelling headphones and iPod.

A big thank you to Gogo for a wonderful dinner and the generous discount. I'd used their service prior to the event and look forward to it being available system-wide.
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Thank you

Any idea when multi-flight or day passes may become available?
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Now I guess that DL and Gogo can try to bring all of the FAs into a bit of the knowledge fold. A number of times this month I inquired if this aircraft had inflight internet service and received a blank look in return.

The other day an FAs announcement mentioned its availability when, in reality, it was not on that flight.
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Originally Posted by Canarsie View Post
I would like to add my thanks for Gogo for hosting the dinner at Prime, as well as offering a nice discount for Delta forum FlyerTalk members.

Gogo has been taking proactive measures to help benefit the Delta forum FlyerTalk community, and it is greatly appreciated.There is the possibility of adding www.flyertalk.com to that list of Internet web sites that would be accessible for free...

...and no, this is not second-hand information...
That would be awesome!
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Originally Posted by Dovster View Post
My question, however, is when you will start this service on trans-oceanic flights? After all, given their length, that is where it is most needed.

Until Boeing decided to stop offering it, El Al had it across the water so apparently there is no technological problem.
At this time Aircell is focused on successfully completing its roll out of Gogo on our clients’ domestic fleets. In September 2008, Aircell announced Air Canada as its first major non-U.S. airline customer, however the service will initially only be made available in the U.S. In the future, Aircell will be expanding its network and presence throughout the remainder of North America to include Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Beyond North America, we are drawing upon our ATG and satellite backgrounds to explore the most cost-effective connectivity solutions globally.

Sarah Alyea
Gogo Inflight Internet
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Here's the latest update on the rollout onto Delta aircraft.

I will be on some 757s in the coming weeks, hope they will have the service!


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Originally Posted by hnewman View Post
I love your service it is great and well priced.

When will you start on the NW part of the fleet?
Per Widgetheads.net, it looks like they're close to finishing the design for the A319/320 fleet and are scoping the 757's...http://widgetheads.net/
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Originally Posted by uva185 View Post
Thank you

Any idea when multi-flight or day passes may become available?
In addition to segment passes, Gogo offers a 30 day pass on Delta. We are evaluating subscriptions as an option for the future. Be sure and join our email list to be alerted to new offerings.

Happy Travels,
Sarah Alyea
Gogo Inflight Internet
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Exclamation Notice to Delta forum FlyerTalk Members

The Delta forum moderators have been alerted that this thread is in violation of the Guidelines & Rules that govern FlyerTalk, specifically this one:
Commercial and Charitable Messages

Commercial posts. Posts containing promotional messages for commercial products or services - including but not limited to Internet sites, business advertisements and solicitations to donate miles or points – are prohibited and will be removed. FlyerTalk is not a marketplace and nothing is to be offered for sale or conditioned on an exchange of money or barter. Nothing in this rule is intended to prohibit exchange of travel coupons as allowed by the rules of Coupon Connection. If you spot a commercial post, please report it.
After extensive discussions, the Delta forum moderators have decided to allow this thread to remain open, primarily because it is more of a benefit rather than a detriment to Delta forum FlyerTalk members.

In addition to providing Delta forum FlyerTalk members with valuable information regarding Internet service on-board Delta Air Lines aircraft and generously hosting a dinner for greater than 50 Delta forum FlyerTalk members, Gogo is also offering valuable discounts on its service to Delta forum FlyerTalk members as well.

In keeping with full disclosure, the Delta forum moderators were in no way influenced, coerced or otherwise forced in any way by Gogo, Delta Air Lines or any other party in deciding to keep the thread open.

If you disagree with this decision, believe we have erred, or need further clarification, please either send a private message to the Delta forum moderators or, to prevent derailing the discussion in this thread, please post in the Moderators Guilty of Premature Evacuation thread. The Delta forum moderators will be more than happy to clarify our decision and discuss it, as we have nothing to hide.

As stated earlier, the Delta forum moderators attempt to do all we can in doing what is in the best interests for Delta forum FlyerTalk members, and we are always looking for ways to improve upon doing just that.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Co-Moderator, Delta forum

on behalf of Delta forum co-moderators Rssrsvp and obscure2k
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Originally Posted by jcherney View Post
They use CDMA technology.
More specifically EVDO, similar to Verizon and Sprint.
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Originally Posted by Canarsie View Post
After extensive discussions, the Delta forum moderators have decided to allow this thread to remain open, primarily because it is more of a benefit rather than a detriment to Delta forum FlyerTalk members.

I agree with the decision. The thread is valuable in helping us understand the new technology and how to use it. And the discount offer is simply for "testing the new technology." Good waiver of the FT guidelines.
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Great experience w/ Palm Treo -- thanks Gogo

I just returned from a trip to Chicago and used my Treo 750 (with wifi card) to access Gogo. I have to say that it worked flawlessly (I used my hand-held device exclusively since my laptop battery life is astonishingly short-lived). The Treo connected and worked quite well; I chatted on MSN, sent emails, checked my flight's progress on FlightAware (a big plus IMHO) and had an all-around good time. Thanks again Gogo!
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Thanks for the code, using it now.

(posted from DL 1274)
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(briefly returning to the original subject)

You're welcome, but I need to turn the tables here:

Thank you for the great reception, technical overview and dinner @ PRIME.

MikeMpls & WifeMpls
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Had a good experience with Gogo:


930a - 1120a
ATL - DCA DL 1956

Was able to AOL chat and email (of course telling everyone I was flying) and sftp a bunch of files. Good speed and connection stayed constant for entire flight.

Used discount certificate obtained at RWT.

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