Delta vacation destinations will MSP and DTW be added?

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Delta vacation destinations will MSP and DTW be added?

Was looking at the Delta Vacations website. Was not surprised at all to see New York and Salt Lake City listed and Cincinnati not listed as vacation destinations. Was surprised to NOT see Atlanta listed. This maybe the one thing I have ever seen that Delta didn't give Atlanta.

Will Detroit or Minneapolis be added to the delta vacations destinations? They have lots of cities offered just few hubs
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Not to bash any cities...

...but I think you need to stop thinking about where the hubs are, and think about what cities are actually "destinations" people want to visit.

New York is obviously a huge destination for tourism. Salt Lake has lots of... uh... skiing, or something. Cincinnati and Minneapolis have... um... sports teams, which nobody from anywhere else wants to go see? Detroit has the Henry Ford museum (I only know this because it's advertised every time Detroit is mentioned) and is otherwise a place people are taught to fear and avoid.

Out of curiosity, is Memphis on the list? What about Los Angeles?
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