Is Delta giving away miles?

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Is Delta giving away miles?

I've been away from this site for a while so sorry if this is a repeat topic.

I remember when I first joined people had to fight to get original flight credit and MQMs if they were re-routed or put on partner carriers.

I was put on AA first class (which I found to be nicer than DL even though CO still takes the cake in my book) two weekends ago and had to fly into SNA vs. SAN and get shuttled down at midnight. It was a pain, but after being gone over a week and having issues on DL with my departing flight-I was happy to be home.

I just called Delta and asked for credit. Without a fight I get asked "would you like miles or a voucher?'" I took the miles and was actually given more miles and MQMs than my original flight would have earned.

Now I'm wondering if I should have accepted the voucher since I'm thinking the miles are worthless. I haven't book an award ticket since Feb on AF so I haven't experienced the new rewards tier.

Is it really this easy to just be given Skymiles now?
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Short answer: yes. It is that easy. They issue miles like the fed prints money. It has devalued the miles so, yes, you should have taken the voucher.
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Isnt voucher the automatic answer in this case regardless of airline?

Getting a voucher for the cost of the flight vs the miles(actual to be earned) is a no brainer to me unless you are doing a MR for attaining or retaining status.
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ya vouchers always better to take!
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He wouldn't have gotten offered a voucher for the cost of the flight. delmargal didn't give the exact circumstances of rebooking. But for simplicity's sake I'll assume it was a mechanical or some other IROP that was DL's fault.

When I worked there, there was a little chart with basic guidelines on how much to offer based on SM status, original price of ticket, duration of delay etc. I would start an offer of $50 TC or 10,000 SM. Depending on the agent you get(and their trained skills), they can have some leeway but the general practice is to offer enough miles to make it seem like it's a deal. Giving skymiles costs the airline nothing, it's a promise on a future guarantee that might never be cashed in.

In short, unless you are just short for a trip, ALWAYS take the voucher.
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