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ATL CRC Rep would not print connecting BP and AF problems!

ATL CRC Rep would not print connecting BP and AF problems!

Old Jul 11, 08, 1:32 pm
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ATL CRC Rep would not print connecting BP and AF problems!


I was flying from JFK-ATL-CDG-MAA yesterday on 2 DL flights from JFK/ATL and ATL/CDG. My next leg was a DL codeshare on AF from CDG to MAA.

When I checked in at JFK, the agent only printed 2 BP's but checked my bags through to MAA. She printed my JFK / ATL and ATL / CDG boarding passes and told me to get the other one in ATL as I have a 5 hour connect.

I arrived in ATL and the CRC rep told me that he could not print my connecting AF boarding pass because it was more then 6 hours from departure and that it was a TSA rule and that I had to get it in Paris. I explained to him that I needed the connecting BP and that I should be able to get it, he declined. I then asked another DL rep who told me the same story. (keep in mind my connect in CDG is 1 hour)

So I arrive in Paris and get ushered to a security line for re screening, but cannot get in because I have NO BP! I finally track down a AF rep who prints me a BP, but I noticed the following changes on the ticket:

- Reseated from 4A to 6E
- Ticket was changed from D to J (still business)
- My Skymiles # and Delta Platinum information was missing from the BP

I asked what occurred and why my seat changed, and she told me "I don't know, write a letter to AF" what a way to treat a D/J pax!

- Should have DL printed my BP in ATL?
- Because the BP wasn't printed is this why my seat was changed since i was not "Checked In" for the flight 1 hour prior?
- I am all for the French, but what the hell is their attitude about and does this happen to other PAX's ?
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Old Jul 11, 08, 2:40 pm
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Sounds like the standard AF runaround. I much prefer their on-board service over Delta's, and used to go out of my way to fly AF. No more, though - the disarray of their agents and procedures just aren't worth it.

On one trip alone last month, they:
* Constantly gave me the rounaround about preferred seating as a SkyTeam Elite member.
* Couldn't get us boarding passes from our originating flight, meaning we had to go through checkin twice, almost missing our connection.
* Couldn't get a wheelchair to the checkin counter in less than 30 minutes in BOS.
* Lost a bag in BOS, then located it, but still couldn't get it on the next two flights out, so it didn't arrive for over two days.
* Couldn't get us on a flight for which we arrived 3 1/2 hours before departure and had boarding passes in hand.
* Lost another bag despite us checking that bag in 6 hours before departure (since we missed our first flight above).

/Rant off! Thanks, I feel better.

To answer you specific questions:
1) For reasons unclear to me, DL can't print BPs for connecting flights.

2) No idea, although in general AF doesn't seem to concerned with keeping seat assignments straight, or helping you get them in the first place.

3) It's a cultural thing. The French like to make everything as complex as possible, and nobody is empowered to do anything without approval. Notice how every time any decision has to be made at the airport, it takes at least 3 (and usually more like 6) AF employees to make a decision? My family is mostly French...it's just the way it's done there.

Combine complexity and strict heirarchy with the different standards about customer service that are the norm in Europe, and to us it looks like they're rude and indifferent. Then again they know a thing or two about how to live...
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Old Jul 11, 08, 2:49 pm
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DL needs to fix that policy about not printing BP's for connecting INTL flights. What is weird is that on a DL ticketed KE codeshare, I had my connecting BP printed for JFK/ICN ICN/MNL!

The onboard service was great, the head purser was very kind and even approached me towards the end of the flight and asked me why I did not have a FF# or status listed on his manifest. I explained that AF messed up my BP reprint and must have removed my number.

I agree AF Service is nice, the rest of the AF experience from the gate to the plane and getting your bags is just awful!
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