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ecaarch Jul 2, 07 5:11 pm

Originally Posted by PMMMDL (Post 7992826)
Just FYI, DL and FL do have a reciprocal agreement of some sort. I was put on a FL flight SAV-ATL when DL's flight was delayed in order to make a connection on DL to overseas (I forget if it was NRT or TLV...).

The CSR at the airport had to fill out a voucher for Airtran, but they put me on the flight with no payment by me.

DL and FL used to have an interline agreement but, IIRC, it was terminated last year.

MikeyZBT Jul 2, 07 11:36 pm

Originally Posted by samikitty (Post 7992510)
Did I mention that it took over an hour to check in via the FC check-in because of the delay and surrounding issues? The people at the counter were as unwilling to solve the problem as SMS. They wouldn't even look at alternate departure airports. Of course, each time the delay moved out it seemed like a better idea to find an alternate plan to get home.

What was the problem at the first class/medallion counter?

wahooflyer Jul 3, 07 12:54 am

Originally Posted by ecaarch (Post 7993347)
DL and FL used to have an interline agreement but, IIRC, it was terminated last year.

Correct. However, DL still reroutes pax to AirTran all the time at certain stations...a supervisor or manager just has to write a company check to FL for the value of the ticket. DL can also see availability and book reservations on FL flights...the two airlines just don't accept each other's tickets or FIMs anymore.

If AirTran is the best option for a reroute, just ask if a supervisor can write a check instead of endorsing your ticket over.

wendyhamburger Jul 3, 07 10:17 am

Hi y'all. I have a question on rule 240. Yesterday my husband and his whole team were headed ATL-BDL. DL cancelled the flight (said mechanical) and put them standby on the next one. Well that one turned up full and so they finally made it into a bird after 8+ hours in the airport.

Poor guys! And they didn't address mgmt either. Should they have? Are they entitled to compensation under the rule?

bankops Jul 4, 07 12:57 am

Check your Credit Card conditions/services. My AMEX and Diners both cover meals, hotels, transfers, etc. if a regularly scheduled flight (charged to my card) is delayed 4hrs or more and you use your card to make the payments. 200 EUR from AMEX and 500 from Diners. AMEX used to pay for an upgrade but stopped that a few years ago. :(

Don Jul 4, 07 7:05 am

Originally Posted by mtparadis (Post 7992156)
I'm sure Jerry Grinstein and the rest of the corporate suite had a lot to do with this maintenance issue.

Jerry Grinstein and "the rest of the corporate suite" are responsible for managing the airline. When the staff fails or the overall operations procedures fail, the execs have - de facto - failed.

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