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Casimir Feb 10, 04 3:35 pm

Interpreting Data on the Availability Tool
I am scheduled to fly ATL to LGA on March 5th. Using the availability tool, I note that there are 0 "G" fares, but 2 "V" fares available on that flight. I intepret this to mean that there are no upgrades available for PMU's or miles, but that there are two "segment" upgrades.

Here is my question (assuming the above is correct). Does the 2 "V" fare number mean that there are two additional upgrades available after those of us who have already requested an upgrade receive ours? Or, does this mean that there are only two upgrades total to be granted?

This is the difference between me having a chance or just getting used to Y seats. (I'm flying on a "K" fare).

FWIW, the seat map tool indicates 7 open F seats, though of course I recognize the oft-noted point that those open seats don't translate easily (or at all) into upgrade availability.


JS Feb 10, 04 5:57 pm

V2 means that, right now, there are two seats available for segment upgrades. It doesn't mean 2 total.

Whether someone has requested an upgrade is not relevant. V2 will not drop to V1 until one upgrade request is actually processed.

In any event, it's pretty useless, because Delta will usually add more V seats as departure time approaches. Let's say there are a total of 7 available seats in First Class (i.e., seat map = actual bookings, which is not always true). Eventually, the V bucket will go up from 2 to 7 (unless someone buys A or F), and the next 7 people on the upgrade list will be accomodated. This might be tomorrow or it might be 35 minutes before departure.

As departure date/time approaches, Delta might also add inventory to the G bucket, as well as R, N, and in fact just about any booking class.

One thing to keep in mind when looking at booking class availability is that it has almost nothing to do with the number of open seats. Inventory management can add or remove seats as they see fit, so consider the inventory numbers to be quite temporary in nature.

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heckler Feb 10, 04 6:29 pm

Can you post the URL of the tool you are using?

Casimir Feb 10, 04 6:56 pm

JS, thanks for your information which was EXTREMELY informative.

Heckler, the availability tool I am using is the one that several others here have suggested elsewhere, which can be downloaded at

I hope this helps.

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