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Advice/Thoughts sought: DL upgrade & switch to credit NW

Advice/Thoughts sought: DL upgrade & switch to credit NW

Old Jan 30, 04, 9:49 am
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Advice/Thoughts sought: DL upgrade & switch to credit NW

Having seen the discussions about trying to use DL status to obtain upgrade and then switch # over to NW, I'm a bit worried about this working. As I understand, the general advice is to obtain upgrade, do online checkin, and then ask for GA to switch. It sounds like some GAs are not able to have this work so well. Here's a scenario I'm considering -- plan to secure upgrade, then request switch at gate. If GA cannot process, I'm considering asking if they can "hard enter" the upgrade and remove the DL FF# from the record (that way the boarding pass will reflect no FF #, and I can send in to NW later). Once in the destination city, I'd ask to have the DL number added back (so as to possibly obtain return upgrade) - and then repeat the process. Thoughts or flaws with this?
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I too have read those threads, and they are contradictory to an extent. Here is my opinion:

PRIOR to December 2003:

1. You could book a ticket with your Delta FF number, and upgrade it according to your status/fare/etc. Then you could ask for a new boarding card, ONLY at the beginning of your trip, at the gate with your NW number and go onto the plane.

2. This would change all the rest of your booking to have a NW number. You had to do the kiosk checkin on the return using your credit card (not your Delta FF number). You had to tell phone agents your name and not use the Delta FF number. etc.

3. Many gate agents had trouble doing the switch, but you could argue it out and get satisfaction -- usually.

SINCE December it is different:

1. The Delta computer system has now been altered. At the moment you present your NW number, it will immediately invalidate your upgrades. You cannot upgrade if you want to earn NW miles. I know it is unfair but that is the way they are playing it.

2. More than that, with zone boarding you now lose your Delta FF privelege to board early. There isn't a way to show your card, since your status is automatically figured into your zone assignment.

3. And last week I had an argument about the $25 change fee in Boston. I was using my NW number, so the counter agent said I couldn't have the fee waived, despite having a Platinum Delta FF card. I did win that one with Customer Service the next day.

The mile-sharing schemes are now being rules-smithed into meaninglessness. The idea is to be able to say "we have an alliance" and then to make the experience operate at the lowest common denominator.

It was good while it lasted.
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