Worst Seatmates?

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Worst Seatmates?

Who are the worst seatmates you have ever had on a flight?

Mine come down to:

*** The drunkard on a JFK-CDG Delta flight whose putrid breath, and loud filthy language, were made worse each time he took another sip from the flask he was carrying with him. Fortunately, I was able to switch seats.

*** The extremely fat woman I sat next to on a TLV-IST charter flight who kept screaming, "We're going to die." This was BEFORE take off!

***The incredibly lovely, mid-40's, blonde from Florida who sat next to me in B/E on a Delta ATL-CDG flight. What was wrong with her? Three things: She had her parents with her, she had her children with her, and she showed absolutely no interest in me!

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1. The gentleman who sat next to me on ONT-SLC (CRJ) and as soon as he sat down, slams his elbow into my arm demanding that, "this is my armrest!"

2. The DFW-MEM (CRJ) where there was a LOUD crying baby the ENTIRE flight seated next to me after I had gotten just under 3 hours sleep the night before.
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People who take off their shoes and socks and have very smelly feet. Who would ever take off their sock when the floor is so dirty? Man/woman reading a porn mag really offends me, i feel it's inappropriate on the aircraft. I wonder if i COULD ASK HIM LEGALLY TO PUT IT AWAY? I would like to see your responses.. People who watch movies on their own personal devices and it's really LOUD. People who take up half an overhead bin for their hat and the flight is full and make a scene when you try to move it. People who change diapers on the floor in the first class area. Pax who take my first class pillows and blankets when they are are the way in the back and have plenty in the back. Pax who are first to board and are not FF's who plop their luggage in the closed bins in the first row of coach. I always close those bins and try to guard them for the FF's in the bulkheads who need room for their luggage. OK i'm done
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Dovster, although this type of topic is always interesting to read, it is not DL related. Therefore I am moving it to the TravelBuzz board.

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