Passenger's Bill of Rights-where do I find it?

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Passenger's Bill of Rights-where do I find it?

I need some help. Is it a specific law, FAA regulation or just a guideline regarding the amount of compensation a passenger is entitled to when there are mechanical difficulties leading to delayed flights and missed connections? I know bad weather does not entitle you to anything but I thought there were rules regarding delays caused by the airlines. I am looking for the actual law if there is such a thing.

Thanks for the help!
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Try this DL link.... Sorry but I've quoted it enough for one day. Simply Good Business says it is your responsibilty to know it by heart.


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Specifically regarding flight delays or cancellations, each airline has its own policies (rules). This section of the rules is generally referred to as Rule 240. One airline might pay for your hotel room if you are delayed overnight, another airline might not. Yet another airline might offer amenities it doesn't ahve to under its Rule 240.

You may print out a copy of your airline's Rule 240 before you fly, but you should not say the phrase "rule two forty" in front of an airline employee except to answer his/her question "what rule?".

There is a web page referred to as "rules of the air" which shows the various rules including Rule 240 for many airlines. It is under and as of today appears to be undergoing refurbishment and not all airlines that used to be listed are showing.

Your rights under an airline's Rule 240 are not lessened because the airline has and/or its agent quotes a more restrictive Rule 101a (sp?) or something like that. That [Rule 101a or whaever] pertains to the airline's relationship with other airlines. The Rule 240 pertains the the airline's relation to the customer, you.

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The "Passenger Bill of Rights" is posted on a stall in the Men's room at corporate.
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