Ordering special meals when booking on delta.com

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Ordering special meals when booking on delta.com

Is it just my imagination, or does Delta make it hard to order special meals? Other airlines offer the opportunity to book special meals before finalizing a reservation, but the last few times I've booked on delta.com I've either spaced out and missed the opportunity, or it's not there. Plus my Skymiles profile doesn't seem to offer a place to record my meal preference, again unlike other airlines' FF profiles.

Consequently, on my last 2 flights, I went hungry. (The "blue bag" just doesn't cut it when you don't eat meat.) Has delta decided to discourage folks from ordering special meals? If I somehow manage to order a special meal (by taking the time to phone delta, I guess) and the flight ends up being a "blue bag" flight, will they serve me a special meal?
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Yes, you will get your special meal even if the regular meal is the little blue bag. On a recent ATL-SNA-ATL I ordered a lacto-ovo vegetarian meal each way. Both times the meal was a zucchini sandwich, the first one with nothing but onions on it and the second with lettuce and tomato. You also get chips, cookies, fruit or whatever they decide to put in with it.
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Once I ordered a special meal online with DL. I thought it was great. I told a few people about it and they all told me they could not find the page to order a special meal. When I went back, sure enough it was gone. I guess the page had a life of a few days and then DL decided that if they made it too easy to order specials meals, too many people would order them. I understand DL's decision and actually agree with it. If someone really wants a special meal, it is not that big of a problem to call and ask.
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