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777-232LR Mar 14, 03 3:22 pm

Kiss printed schedules bye-bye :(
We all knew it was coming...

According to, Delta's scheduling will be all electronic come April.

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LexPassenger Mar 14, 03 3:56 pm

Ah, it was to be expected, but still a loss.

Not having a printed schedule to curl up with and analyze is part of the trauma of switching to that other airline.

I guess Delta is being kind and making me see that switching's not so bad.

Maybe my collection suddenly just became more valuable since they won't be making any more?

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ozstamps Mar 14, 03 3:58 pm

Not sure about other majors, but I do know UA has not had a paper timetable for quite a while now .. about a year is my guess.

There were until about 2000, those huge 800 page thick deals, then they went to a trimmed down 100 page one, and then cut them out entirely.

I still have some now well thumbed versions of both here, as a lot of stuff is quicker to look up in there than mess around website for. Not flights of course, but all the other info those books hold. KEEP a copy or 2 of what version is about now is my little tip.

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andymo99 Mar 14, 03 4:01 pm

That's a real shame.

UA stopped printing after 9/11.

gilpin Mar 14, 03 6:31 pm

This is bad news for those of us who sometimes travel without laptops or PDA's. Many times the printed schedule has helped me devise alternate routings when arriving late.

yknot Mar 14, 03 6:32 pm

OAG must love this!

RobertS975 Mar 14, 03 6:40 pm

Maybe if we all write, phone and email them to tell them how much we value the printed schedules... nah!

Canarsie Mar 14, 03 7:37 pm

...and the company that printed them was once one of my customers.

Just Passing Thru Mar 14, 03 10:45 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by yknot:
OAG must love this!</font>
Yes, OAG is a good alternative (and updated monthly), but I don't know if I want to pay the prices they ask.

Factotum Mar 15, 03 12:31 am

Pay for an OAG subscription just so I can find out what days of the week the international flights from JFK are running at the moment? No thanks. (Will there still be a PDF schedule?)

dbk10 Mar 15, 03 9:29 am

Recently, I've been using the schedules that I download to my Palm and I quite like it. I like not having trash whenever the new schedules come out, and can just download the new one.

mikey1003 Mar 15, 03 9:41 am

Because of feedback from our best customers, we are discontinuing our printed schedule in an effort to reduce weight on our aircraft. This will result in millions of dollars in savings and the result will be that there will be no gas surcharge passed on to our flyers.


Uncle Leo

RobertS975 Mar 15, 03 10:36 am

I have always enjoyed perusing the printed schedules and if this report is true, I will miss having them around. They tend to be all over my house and office, bedside endtables and EVEN the back shelf of the toilet.

They are obsolete before they're even put out, but they make for a good basis on which to plan in any event. Why doesn't DL sell ads in the timetable to defray the costs of printing, perhaps even make $$?

Will SKY magazine be the next to go? Or is that a profit center?

mikey1003 Mar 15, 03 10:46 am

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by RobertS975:
EVEN the back shelf of the toilet.


Either get a life or please tell us that you are using the schedule to save money on Toilet Paper

LexPassenger Mar 15, 03 11:15 am

Mikey -- Robert is cool.

I have thousands of old airline schedules, mostly boxed in the basement.

Really comes in handy when somebody starts spouting off about what aircraft served Hong Kong in 1992....

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