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Delta Air Lines' Self-Service Kiosks Named 'Best in Class'

Delta Air Lines' Self-Service Kiosks Named 'Best in Class'

Old Mar 11, 03, 11:33 am
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Delta Air Lines' Self-Service Kiosks Named 'Best in Class'

So, those kiosks we can never really used, are apparently the best out there!!!

Delta Air Lines' Self-Service Kiosks Named 'Best in Class'
Tuesday, March 11, 2003 12:02 AM ET Printer-friendly version

IDG's Computerworld Highlights Leading-Edge Technology Value to Customers
ATLANTA, March 11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Delta Air Lines' (NYSE: DAL, news) self-service check-in kiosks were recently recognized as one of the 10 'Best in Class' award recipients for 2003 by Computerworld, a publication of International Data Group (IDG). Honorees were selected by an independent review panel based on the ability to demonstrate particularly striking business value from a leading-edge technology project.

"We're honored to receive Computerworld's 'Best in Class' award for our self-service kiosks," said Rich Cordell, senior vice president, Delta Airport Customer Service. "Our goal is to continue to give customers what they've asked for -- more choices, more control and less hassles. This year, we're adding 400 more kiosks, doubling access to help get our customers through the airport better, faster and friendlier than any other airline."

In addition to self-service kiosks, Delta customers may choose from a wide variety of other check-in options, including delta.com's online check-in via personal computers, Delta Direct telephones, and agent check-in at ticket counters, gates, and curbside.

Other companies recognized by Computerworld in this category include Office Depot's new data warehouse; the IT consolidation project at Corning Life Sciences, a division of Corning, Inc.; and Cardinal Health, Inc.'s warehouse automation project.

Delta Air Lines, the world's second largest airline in terms of passengers carried and the leading U.S. carrier across the Atlantic, offers 5,643 flights each day to 438 destinations in 78 countries on Delta, Delta Express, Delta Shuttle, Delta Connection and Delta's worldwide partners. Delta is a founding member of SkyTeam, a global airline alliance that provides customers with extensive worldwide destinations, flights and services. For more information, please go to delta.com.

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Old Mar 11, 03, 2:55 pm
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Do they smile and say thank you?

Will they go out of their way to help when the entire East coast shuts down due to a noreaster?

Hell, they can't even give a decent boarding pass....the **** things are so flimsy they are useless.
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Old Mar 11, 03, 3:47 pm
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The new boarding pass paper is "heavier" alright -- by a milligram or so!

I saw a friend use a Southwest kiosk; it wasn't that much different than using an oh-so-wonderful DL one and the machine used REAL boarding pass stock .
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Old Mar 11, 03, 10:33 pm
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They're the exact same machines Northwest, America West and other carriers use!
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Old Mar 12, 03, 9:01 am
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IMHO they're not that bad. I for one like them, I also don't mind that Delta routinely has kiosk bonuses. I have been able to notice a difference between the new paper and the old paper...I just wished that the Marine Air Terminal in NYC would run out of the old paper.
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Old Mar 17, 03, 3:34 pm
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Delta's website says that "SkyMiles passengers w/o luggage can use our kiosks to check in" . . . Alaska's let you check in luggage and use a kiosk. Can't imagine how Delta's are better . . . or is the website wrong?
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Old Mar 17, 03, 4:26 pm
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Mehdron:
Delta's website says that "SkyMiles passengers w/o luggage can use our kiosks to check in" . . . Alaska's let you check in luggage and use a kiosk. Can't imagine how Delta's are better . . . or is the website wrong?</font>
Mehdron...the website must be in error....but I couldn't locate where it was you saw this. At any rate, you can check bags when using a kiosk. I do it all the time.
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Old Mar 17, 03, 7:02 pm
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On this page on Delta's website, it says "SkyMiles members who are not checking baggage should consider using the check-in kiosks at select airports."

Perhaps only non-members can check luggage at the kiosks!!!

This is undoubtedly just out-of-date . . . on other pages on the website I now see that they refer to checking baggage at the kiosk.
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Old Mar 17, 03, 7:58 pm
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I went to use one back for a trip in October when they had the bonus for checking in with a Delta credit card. Huh! Like I carry that around. You have my credit card, you know who I am, you know my Skymiles number (acct miles are transferred to), why can't you (the computer) look up my itineraries and present what would appear to be the one for today?

Had to fallback and use manual checkin (at CRC), lost 500 or 1000 miles.

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Old Mar 17, 03, 9:02 pm
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Chalk up one more that likes Delta's kiosks. They've saved my butt a few times, showing up at ATL 35 min before my flight with no printed itenerary...yeah, I know - but I'm BUSY! I can fly through the kiosk line in &lt;5 min, even on Monday morning, and get a boarding pass to get thru security. BTW, I can't believe you guys even complain about the paper!? Who wants a stiff card when I can fold the kiosk BP and slip it in any pocket with ease? If you're so concerned, slip it in the readily-available ticket jacket...geeze! Anyway, maybe I'll end up saving a twig or two.
Only other I've used is United's at O'Hare. Machine was fine, but I didn't like their system - they have an agent assigned to each machine for checking bags - where's the convenience or savings there?
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