New Confirm Day of Travel Rule

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New Confirm Day of Travel Rule

Sorry about the duplicate thread....

I just got off the phone with SMS and CC. I was told, and CC agreed it was silly so she will follow-up, that you cannot get confirmed on an earlier flight unless you can get confirmed all the way to your destination. Therefore, no earlier flight to ATL and hoping seats open up for confirmation or de facto standby.

My real problem is that they originally said that I cannot take earlier flight out of DCA and stay on my original flight ATL-MCO. Even if my original ATL-MCO flight is the same connecting flight for the earlier originating flight!!! With all the problems with aircraft turn around in DCA, weather, and ATC problems, I would rather get out of DC and make it to ATL to ensure I make my connecting flight.

If this is the way its going to be, it will be a disaster for me!!! Of course, this solves our discussion on the other thread about paying $25 twice or how to handle priority of standbys in ATL, etc.

CC is supposed to get back to me tomorrow. If anyone has any up to date experiences with this while connecting in ATL I would appreciate it.


Edited to add quick msg from CC:

"The rule is, to be confirmed on a flight the same day, it has to be available from the origin to the destination. That would mean you would lose the upgrade from Atlanta to Orlando and have to stand by for first class. I am, however, pushing the issue and with any news I receive I will pass on to you."

By the way, they also originally told me that if you are still on your original connecting flight, your layover cannot be longer that four hours (with the earlier originating flight) since it wouldn't be a legal connection.


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that does seem ridiculous. In instances where I am somewhere and have to fly back home to MCO via ATL, if I can get to the aiport for orginating flight early I do as I prefer to get back to ATL ASAP - even if I can't make it on an earlier flight from ATL to MCO. In my opinion, if there is a plane leaving and you can get on it - go - as you never know what will happen to your flight.
I would think the airlines would prefer that approach also - if they get rid of me as a passenger at no bother to them on an earlier flight then I am just one less person they have to deal with later should flights get cancelled, delayed, etc.

Does anyone know if these new rules eliminate one's ability to get on a "pre-emptive" standby. For instance, there are strong hints your flight will be seriously delayed or cancelled so you ask to be put on standby for a later flight - just in case - to avoid the rush. Do the new rules preclude this?
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What you are talking about is protection on another flight as it begins to appear that your original flight will result in a misconnect. No matter how much you are sure that a problem will ensue with your original flight, there is a specific point in time where you will be allowed to seek protection on another flight.

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remember a LEGAL connection can have as much as a 4 hour layover in the middle so you should be able to do at least that i.e. rebook the first leg and still be connected on leg 2 perhaps to your original connection and then attempt a new change once your have completed your first flight
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We are still all speculating; no first hand experiences?


What you said is true. The other shoe is that, if you are upgraded on connecting flight, confirming on earlier originating segment supposedly cancels your upgrade on later flight and although you are still on same flight, you are now on waitlist for upgrade. I am still waiting to hear back again from CC but would love to hear any first hand experiences so I know what to expect at DCA tomorrow.

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