Bumping with an Upgrade?

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Bumping with an Upgrade?

Never had any experience with this, but would imagine I can find an answer here. If I've upgraded on a flight that is oversold in Y, will they take me as a volunteer to bump or are they only looking for Y passengers? (I would imagine it's only Y passengers since I'm already in first, but then again I would be giving them one more seat to fill) Thanks!
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They will take you as a volunteer, but don't count on getting reaccommodated in F on your next flight. You will likely be at the top of the list, but they won't necesarily put you in F unless there's space.
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I agree with Spiff (as usual)!

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However, I've offered to accept the bump compensation along with a guaranteed F seat. That's worked before. If there was no F, that would be a dealbreaker.
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DL agents are not supposed to solicit premium cabin passengers as volunteers unless the premium cabin is oversold.

Due to SGB, some agents take it even further and won't use you as a volunteer in cases when Y is oversold and there are Y volunteers as (or more) attractive as you are.
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I often look to get bumped while holding an F seat. I use the F seat as a card to make me more attractive to the GAs. I make it clear that I have an F seat to offer, which not only serves to open a seat on the plane, but also to clear a spot off the upgrade waitlist. I tell the GA that I would like to be reaccommodated in F, but if only Y is available, I will live (with upgrade waitlist).

Obviously, if you won't accept a Y reaccommodation, be certain that F can be confirmed for you, or don't volunteer.
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I concur with Andy!
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One thing to add, when you asked to be reconfirmed in F (which has usually happened for me), you will also earn class of service bonus and now double MQM.

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Marc, so I would imagine that means that the MSUs are not deducted? Although with SGB I wouldn't be suprised if they now re-book into V.


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Sorry, as a PM I don't know the answer but I would assume they would not be collected. When I checked afterwards flight say F instead of KV.

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