I tried UA and I liked it

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I tried UA and I liked it

I flew to Munich at the beginning of February and the UA experience ,IMO, was better overall than with Delta. I was comped by UA as a Premier Executive since I am GM on Delta. I have had very positive experiences with UA's frontline people and I would say that UA and Delta are even in that respect.

Positives for UA:
E+ seating in coach. BTW, United still uses those little velcroed cloths on the headrests. I liked that extra little touch.

Complimentary alcoholic beverages in coach for international trips

Complimentary access to lounges for Premier Executives and 1k members on international itineraries. Even though I have not yet received my Star Gold card, I was able to "sweet talk" my way into the LH Business Class lounge in Munich. I thought this lounge was better than Delta's Munich CRC.

Snacks are a lot better in the RCC than in the Crown rooms.

Movies were continuously rerun and the choices were greater.

Positives for Delta:
Much better website

Much better phone technology

It felt a little strange to walk past the Delta counters on this trip, but I think I'll be over in 2 weeks when I fly to BRU on UA again. To help with the withdrawal, we're doing an award trip in May on Delta.
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"It felt a little strange to walk past the Delta counters on this trip, but I think I'll be over in 2 weeks when I fly to BRU on UA again. To help with the withdrawal, we're doing an award trip in May on Delta."

I know the feeling, I think the Earth shuddered when I booked a ticket on CO.

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I still get a small warm feeling when I show the RCC people my CRC card! It's like old times - at least for a minute.

On RCC vs CRC - it's important to note that CRC has free drinks - at RCC you have to pay (unless your Int'l F or J, then they give you a coupon for one free drink on the ground). If you're a drinker and you've got a 3 hour connection, it can be a big plus!

On the snacks - I prefer the CRC snacks (I miss the M&Ms in the mix!). But I think RCC has more variety.
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Having been to both the LH C lounge as well as the DL CRC in Munich, I have to say that "our" CRC here easily beats the LH lounge in terms of comfort, crowding and drinks/snacks.

However, at other places, the UA RCC wins.

I for one are happy with Delta so far. Let's see whether they keep the PMUs in 2004 - if they don't, then I'll shop around too.
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Just like FLYMSY, I also took my first intl flight with UA last weekend (ATL-IAD-AMS). Flew ATL-AMS on DL last year this time - much different experience. I actually posted a message on the UA forum about my experience.

I stopped flying on DL metal internationally last year - it was just so bad compared to every other airline I have flown overseas. Their MD-11s and 767-300ERs don't have personal videos, and their 777 PVs only have 3 channels, and one is a map! Of course this is in coach, but compare that to other airlines, such as their partner AF, who has games, 12 channels of movies (which start every 15 mins), a few TV channels and quite a few audio channels.

The fact that DL started charging for drinks also was a factor. I am not a huge drinker, but for a 9 hr flight, I want at least a few bloody mary's to help me cope with the cramped seats you have to endure in coach! And it's not like an international flight costs $100RT - you do pay a substantial amount more, and to not get $8 worth of drinks for free? Cmon now, how much does that really save?

And maybe it was just my flights, but I could not believe how mean the FA's were on my DL flights! Not to me, but people asking for simple things like water, they got snapped at! After flying ATL-SCL on a 763, I vowed that was it, my last DL metal intl flight. Flew one more time with skyteam and then they came out with the SM changes.

Like other people who have posted here, it was a relief actually. I hated having to fly DL for the miles, I hated connecting through CDG with their stupid buses to get to LHR on AF (couldn't do LGW) and had heard all these great things about other airlines.

The day the SM changes came out, I took advantage of a special that LH had, and am taking my Mom to CDG in mid March. Which brings me full circle to flying on UA.

When I got comped to 1P, my fiance and I took advantage of the good deals to Europe right now. Flew on UA's VERY nice 777 from IAD-AMS in E+. The room available was incredible!!! We had bulkhead seats in E+ and had so much room it was almost sinful I am 5'-8", and my feet couldn't touch the bulkhead wall! To me, that alone was worth it. My fiance is 6'-3" and you should have seen him in DL's coach - yikes! Their entertainment was pretty good, they had 12 channels of movies/TV, but no games. Food was pretty good, had special meals and they all made it on the plane, which is more than I can say for DL...

The biggest difference is that as a GM on DL, you do not have access to anyone's lounges when flying internationally. Heck, even if you have a CRC membership and aren't a PM, you don't have access to skyteam lounges! But as a 1P you have access to ALL star alliance lounges when flying intl which is just great! I am flying ATL-FRA-CDG, and it'll be nice to access LH's FRA lounge with my 1P card!

All in all, I hate that DL has gone down so substantially in quality, but enough was enough. I feel like UA still cares about their flying customers, unlike DL. I would urge EVERYONE here to try UA at least once, for international flights on a domestic airline, I think they are the best! Better than UA, CO, DL (haven't flown US or NW, but I can only imagine...). It's going to take ALOT to get me to fly on DL intl again, because they have such awful configurations and old planes, it's just too uncomfortable to bear for a flight that long.
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