Fuel Surcharges

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Fuel Surcharges

Today's USA(2-25) section B states that AA and CO have added a $20 fuel surcharge and that matches NWA, UAL and USA. AK has not determined how much an increase. DL DECLINED COMMENT(I wonder why)!! JB, WN and AT WILL NOT have the surcharge.
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Last quarter's financial report that Delta had done pretty good hedging fuel. I remember this from 2000 also. Overheard a couple of pilots one day talking about Delta's success with hedging. Said there avg cost much less than industry. Later when quarterly results were announce Delta had a much lower fuel cost and higher earnings than other airlines...just wish I had bought the stock on that tip (and then sold it).

I bet Delta might hold out if they can get some PR out of it and fill some more seats and hope prices come down before next quarter.

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