As if LGA wasn't congested enough.........

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As if LGA wasn't congested enough.........

DL expands at LGA.

LGA-MHT 3x (new)
LGA-TYS 1x (new)
LGA-LEX 1x (new)

LGA-BHM 1 additional flight 3 total
LGA-JAX 1 additional flight 4 total
LGA-GSO 1 additional flight 4 total
LGA-SAV 1 additional flight 3 total
LGA-CAE 1 additional flight 3 total
LGA-CHS 1 additional flight 3 total

Not sure where the slots for these flights are coming from. I didn't think DL was holding onto that many unused slots.
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Not sure on what slots they're using. My recollection was that the RJs were governed by a voluntary slot lottery at LGA - after all the delays when all RJ limits were lifted in 2000/01. LGA ground congestion delays are way down from their peak (tho not gone entirely).

Plus - with the general cutbacks in flight schedules, there's probably some open room at LGA. I don't know of any DL cuts, but I'm sure a few airlines did reduce LGA service. Certainly no congestion problem at LEX - which is actually a very pleasant airport to use.

That LGA-LEX service was promised in April 2000 and never materialized (till now - if it happens). I was commuting on that route (via CVG or ATL) and there were quite a few folks who did the connections together with me pretty regularly.

So now you have to make the trade - CVG or ATL connections in F or 2 hrs nonstop in an RJ. Hmmm...
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There were 5 PVD-LGA flights daily back in 2000-2001 usung FRJs from ACJet. The legal connection at LGA was 30 minutes but those flights ran hours late!

Sure would love to see some JFK-PVD service in the future!
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