Dispute with DL -- Any Advice?

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Dispute with DL -- Any Advice?

This Website is great. I wish I discovered it a long time ago. Hopefully people here can advise me on a dispute I had with Delta.

To make a long story short, a Delta flight was 4 hours late into Salt Lake City, and the connection was missed. On the plane, we were told that EWR was in a state of chaos and the pilot "was not able to get a word in edgewise with the tower to get us on line" -- we sat pushed back for 2 and 1/2 hours before we even taxied away from the gate. On the plane, we were also told that Delta would pay for a hotel to put us up for the night. On the ground, we were told the FAs and pilot were wrong, and they said Delta was not paying for hotel rooms because it was an air traffic issue.

I angrily wrote a letter to Delta after I returned from my trip and explained that by the pilot's own admission over the public loud speaker the issue was Delta's lack of clout at the particular airport and that I was sure Continental pilots were not having troubles getting a word in edgewise with the home field advantage tower. I said that the customers' should not have to suffer for Dela's lack of clout at a particular airport. In reply, Delta said that the flight was delayed by weather not air traffic and that rooms are not paid for for weather delays. This was the first time anybody had claimed weather as the fault and it was crazy because the day was beautiful across the lower 48 (also strange that they would wait two weeks to claim the weather was bad whereas on the day in question not one of all the Delta people I encountered suggested there was a weather problem). I wrote back asking them what the alleged meterological condition was. Despite numerous requests, Delta refused to answer this query instead saying simply that their records indicated that the weather was bad. I told them that their records were wrong and we ended in a stalemate.

There are other reasons, beyond the fact that the weather was beautiful, that a weather explanation does not hold water -- the flight I was supposed to connect with was the continuation of a flight from JFK through SLC and the JFK flight made it to SLC undelayed. How can weather cause a 4 hour delay out of EWR to SLC but not cause a delay at all for a JFK to SLC flight (the JFK and EWR flights scheduled departure times were 10 minutes apart).

Anyway, thought somebody on this website might be able to help. I was just really burned up with how rude the response to my letter was. They just unequivocally refused to answer my question of what the bad weather was.
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Keep at em'

Send them leeters that include the entire bogus stream and copy the FAA, the Better Business Bureau, your Newspaper Trvael department and copy all the cc:s to Delta.

I have a couple of streams I'm digitially saving until it becomes so glaringly obvious that they are stonewalling, lying and jsut plain ignoring the issues. When I send them out to all those cc:'s maybe they will actually start reading and responding to people's issues.

Most of the people you talk to in the front line at Delta no longer have much authority and are not supposed to give much away anymore. They don't have good backing from the corporate offices so they make it up as they go along. The one they do know is - Don't take blame, don't give anything away.
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You could always rent a mobile billboard.
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...or you can stop flying Delta altogether.
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Weather does affect air traffic. It's not the weather physically beating down the planes (if it's that bad, the planes don't fly in or out); it's the increased separation between flights, or the loss of use of certain runways that cause the air traffic delays. Since each airport has different volumes of traffic and different runway layouts, airports are not affected exactly the same way.

It wouldn't surprise me that EWR had delays at that time and JFK didn't. Delta is probably right. Sorry.
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Thanks JS for the explanation...i just wish Delta could have explained it as nicely as you did...i would also assume that there was some meterological phenomenon SOMEWHERE that they could point to to justify the elongated separation.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by JS:
It wouldn't surprise me that EWR had delays at that time and JFK didn't. Delta is probably right. Sorry.</font>
I have flown out of EWR and JFK and LGA many, many times and yes, it is possible that EWR could have extensive delays and JFK did not. No need to apologize, JS.

However, according to what you wrote, JSNYC2003, Delta did not act with the utmost in professionalism in this matter. You have every right to be angry.

The problem is that Delta does not seem to resolve customer complaints to the customer's satisfaction like they used to. This is one of the many reasons why there are so many angry and disappointed FlyerTalkers posting negative topics and posts concerning Delta these days.

You could either keep writing (and calling) Delta in the hopes that you will eventually catch someone who is sympathetic to your situation and will grant you satisfaction accordingly, or you can fax them your boarding passes on the subsequent Continental flights you will take out of EWR in the future, letting Delta know of the business they have lost with you as a result of this incident.

Good luck to you, JSNYC2003, in whatever decision you choose. Please keep us posted.

Edited because I confused JSNYC2003 with JS. My apologies.

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