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lalalala Feb 23, 06 7:58 pm

Do NWA flights post to your skymiles?
I fly NWA and Continental about 1 round trip per month in addition to a ton of Delta flights. Continental flights always post to my DL account within a couple of days, but NWA flights never post. I always give my Delta number at time of booking for both and verify that it is there on the boarding pass. I even go through the trouble of faxing in my NWA boarding passes after the flights don't post, but still no credit from Delta. I typically fly Y class on NWA too, so I know it earns credit. It isn't that big of a deal but it is annoying that this is such an issue. Anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions? Thanks

Humaniod Feb 23, 06 8:06 pm

I never have any problems with NW flights posting to my DL account. It usually takes 2-3 days to show up. Sorry you are having problems.

miro Feb 23, 06 10:20 pm

I fly a ton of NW lately and had a problem only once (of course when I needed it to qualify for PM...). Otherwise the flights post within 3 days.

whatnot27 Feb 23, 06 11:13 pm

I have had a problem once. I faxed in my ticket receipt and BPs and it was posted the same day.

javajunkie Feb 23, 06 11:52 pm

My flights on NW also typically post within a couple of days. I had one that did not, due to an involuntary re-route by NW on to US due to a delayed/canceled flight. I faxed a copy of my BP stubs and got "original routing" credit - that took a little over a week.

Sorry to hear you are having difficulty.

Do you contact SMS before FAXing your BPs?
How do you phrase your requests via FAX?

GUWonder Feb 24, 06 12:59 am

Even involuntary reroutes of my award travel itineraries onto NW have yielded me DL miles without issue.

xanthuos Feb 24, 06 8:17 am

I've only flown NW once with the intent to post the mileage to DL (as I will be doing for the future, since my WorldPerks account is drained). The mileage posted without a problem.

ecaarch Feb 28, 06 5:32 pm

Originally Posted by whatnot27
I have had a problem once. I faxed in my ticket receipt and BPs and it was posted the same day.

My experiences match whatnot27's. I flew NW to Europe last weekend and outbound miles were already posted when I got home and return miles were posted the next day. ^

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