Fare refunds

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Fare refunds

I just had an ineresting conversation with the DL folks.

I purchased a ticket in May for a Sep 21-23 trip. Cost was 302.85.

Checking on the web site tonight...Cost for the same trip class of service (K) was 233.65.

I called SMS,...who told me they could refund the difference from a published K-class fare $16. The SMS rep told me that he couldn't help with regards to the online fare...But he would forward me to the division if I wanted (..and I did)

After 10 minutes on hold, I found out that the fares currently on the web site (even >L class) may only be available to online purchasers and this fare was covered by the 20% discount clause ("Only available online").

..I called back to SMS and got my $16 discount, and learned a lesson in DL marketing.

Overall, The people at Delta were very helpful, and I got $16 (credit) for my time. Prior to any of these calls, I did read the Delta Contract of Carriage (available on their website), and my treatment was consistent with the contract.

This was a good experience with Dl from the way I was dealt with. The people at DL are still the reason I stick with them, and they didn't let me down. They have a great attitude, and are more than willing to explain the rules related to what they are doing.

I purchased a ticket at a value I felt appropriate, and I didn't get the screaming best deal...Oh well.
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That is Not a bad deal at all, since I see you have managed to get an upgradable fare (K) for a very small difference in money.
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