10,000 DL miles from MCI.

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10,000 DL miles from MCI.

I had an MCI account that was receiving AA miles. Last week I switched to Verizon as soon as the period for the AA signup promotion had expired.

Tonight I received a call from an MCI telemarketer who first offered me 5,000 and then 10,000 miles to return to them. I tried to push her for more than the 10,000 miles but she wouldn't budge. When I told them that I didn't want AA miles, but instead wanted DL miles, she agreed immeadiately.

Guy's, if you are receiving miles from MCI, check your signup dates and when the bonus miles end. MCI is very aggressive at keeping customers.

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Yup - but keep track of the miles. I have learned the hard way that I need to bird-dog these mileage offers, or they somehow "forget" to credit me the miles they promised.
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MCI is notorious for making promises and not keeping them. If you search this board, you will find numerous stories of people, including me, who were offered substantial amounts of miles, usually on Delta, then rejected because they had already received too many miles (my situation) or for other equally obscure or unjustified reasons.

Here's the bottom line: MCI is a sleazy operation and cannot be trusted. Their long-distance service is terrific, however, so enjoy it and their generally low rates. Just don't expect them to keep their promises regarding mileage bonuses. You are bound to be disappointed.

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DO NOT TRUST TELEMARKETERS FROM MCI! This is what a Customer Service rep had to tell me when I signed up with one such telemarketer who offered me 25,000 bonus miles on UA if I switched both my local and long distance services to MCI. Needless to say, I got NO miles and paid a huge long distance bill because the deals that I was offered were actually 'no deals'. MCI has the worst trade practices in the industry and I have no idea WHY most major airlines have alliances with them.
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They haven't broken their promises to me so far; as a matter of fact, my second line rings everyday at 8 am and I know for sure that's MCI calling. One of these days (when I'm not late for work), I'll pick it up.

But folks, when you get an unwritten deals from any one of them, treat it like buying a property...GET IT IN WRITING. Or at the very least, get the name of your rep, phone number and the call center they work at (if their phone number is confidential).

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I had to yell at a MCI supervisor for the miles for my July calling card bill a couple of days ago. MCI sucks.
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what other choices do we have? sprint? at&t? ... they are all the same....
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Agreed. Almost every month, it's been the same phone call. "Where are my miles????" At least every six months I get to hound a different company.

Originally posted by belle3388:
what other choices do we have? sprint? at&t? ... they are all the same....
Time..... is on my side.

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After the messages here about the MCI/Skymiles calling card, I expected I would have to hound them nonstop for my miles, but they all posted without any problem whatsoever.

Their rates suck, but that's another matter

Elektrik <- a sorta-satisfied customer
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I don't like MCI either, but don't even consider AT&T. I've been going around and around with them over inaccurate billing issues since May. They just can't get it right, their accounting systems are antiquated, and their personnel inept.

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True, all of the long distance companies are terrible. For low rates I've started using call-around services.
MCI still owes me 3k points for their international calling plan but I can't bring myself to call them.
I find that MCI reps are clueless and nasty. AT&T reps are clueless but at least are pleasant.
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All above is true, but:

I've got the new and decent offer from MCI recently: 5000 Delta miles at sign-up, plus another 5000 (5 month by 1000 miles).

1-800-219-7106, code ZDCT

Expires 12/31/00
Monthly fee/monthly minimum will probably apply.

This one is in writing so it should be easily enforceable.
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MCI has allways paid me the miles they owed me. Took a phone call or two in the beginning, but then 3 years no problem. However, they did raise their rates behind my back and I had to wind up switching as the 5c/7c never came back, or they wont offer it to me.
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