Delta Staff Upgraded Before Mm?

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Delta Staff Upgraded Before Mm?

Last Monday, I was travelling from with a colleague, both GM on a K fare.

I was upgraded, he was not. This morning, I recgonized a Delta employee working the gate as the pax who was sitting adjacent to me on the flight last week when my colleague was not upgraded.

Anyone know if Delta staff take priority for upgrades?
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I am not sure their priority, but I have two experiences in this area. First I have flown many times in first where people did not clear into F and sitting in 3 or 4 seats were DL employees, usually traveling to catch their own flights in other cities.

My 2nd experience is I used to "meet up" with a FA from Chitacqua (no clue how to spell it) and she told me that they get priority when they have to make another flight. I do not think they will bump people off, but if there are open seats in F, I imagine DL gate agents are more eager to help one of their own than one of us.
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This particular Delta employee was groundstaff (I think with a supervisory capacity).
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Today, CVG-MSP there was 1 available 1st class seat and I got it. A DL employee sat in the coach bulkhead middle seat.
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It may have been that the Delta staff member was travelling personally, using his or her employee benefits (which I believe include reduced-cost or free travel). I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that Delta is deliberately and maliciously upgrading their employees before passengers.
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Certain employee groups dead-heading are positive space first on certain airlines. They should be in uniform.

VP leveland up guys and gals are also positive space first.

Mx guys flying to outstations for emergencies are sometimes positive space first too.

That's about it. Just about everybody else is supposed to be put behind us.
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How do you know he did not purchase the ticket? My hubby and I are employees and sometimes buy first class tickets or use our miles..Too much of a pain to non-rev these days..everything is full...
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Originally Posted by Kahuna
Anyone know if Delta staff take priority for upgrades?
A paying passenger is always boarded before a non-rev. Period.

I think the only exception would be if he/she were on official company business. In that case, they may, depending on their position in the company, be booked in a "regular" seat in either coach or first class. But even in a case like that, a paying passenger would get upgraded before the employee...
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NRSA's board last

For what it's worth, I'll be the third employee to chime in - as I've pointed out many, many times in the past: nonrevs, buddies, etc. do not get on the plane until after all revenue passengers are accommodated. Nonrevs don't get upgraded until after all eligible passengers are upgraded.
(Pilots and FAs who are deadheading, which is company-paid travel, are positive space. Deadheading differs from commuting, which is voluntary. But occasionally commuters have to cough up the bucks and pay for a full-fare seat.)
Now dozens of posters will jump in and tell us we're all wrong, they saw an employee sitting in first while they sat in the back. This is why I rarely post any more - I really don't like beating my head against a wall, and I will leave it to my colleagues to keep on posting.
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Just today at CVG minutes before boarding, I was doing the "Medallion position jockey" near the counter. An employee came up and asked (rather rudely) why she hadnt been upgraded, because the monitor showed two available seats. The GA then politely (if firmly) asked if she also noticed that there were several Medallions on the upgrade standby list? She sheepishly said "no"...she hadnt noticed and walked away. She was not in the first class cabin on the flight.

Personally I think a lot of this is urban legend and/or jumping to conclusions.
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This is not something that occurs on DL. I concur with what many have written here and the only times you'll see DL people upfront is:

1) If they are execs.
2) If they are deadheading or responding to an "emergency" (I put emergency in quotes because it can be as simple as two many people calling in sick at a certain station, or some kinds of super-delays at a nearby station)
3) They buy their own tickets and believe it or not are actually also Medallions (I personally know DL employees that are FO and GM, because they need to make sure they get certain places at certain times and do not want to deal with the hassles of standing by, especially when they know the flights to be full).

Again, Dl does not have this problem, UA on the other hand is another story.
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