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Atlanta Weather Alerts, Warnings and Advisories: The Definitive Thread

Atlanta Weather Alerts, Warnings and Advisories: The Definitive Thread

Old Sep 22, 00, 7:35 am
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Weather Today!

Anyone planning on flying thru Atlanta today had best keep an eye on the tropical storm just now coming ashore in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. It's predicted to be heading right at Atlanta with very heavy rain.

I don't need to tell anyone what this is gonna do to operations at Hartsfield.

Good luck to all and best wishes for a safe and non-aggravating trip!
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Old Jun 22, 01, 12:59 pm
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Hartsfield weather problems 6/22

If you are passing through ATL anytime on Friday afternoon, you are probably screwed. Good luck to 10kster and his fellow Deltoids down there. Visibility is down under 100 ft right now.

Due to WEATHER, TSTMS(Thunderstorms) , departure traffic destined to The William B Hartsfield International Airport, Atlanta, GA (ATL) will not be allowed to depart until at or after 02:00 pm EDT.
Due to WX(Weather) , TSTMS(Thunderstorms) , traffic at The William B Hartsfield International Airport, Atlanta, GA (ATL) is experiencing gate hold and taxi delays between 15 minutes and 29 minutes in length and increasing.
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Old Jun 22, 01, 2:22 pm
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Ya...that's an understatement....DL ATL agents are in the "eye of the hurricane" right now...as we like to say. This is in reference to a very calm period after the thunderstorm which is attributed to 5 diversions and many many holds from other outlined stations. My normal 10 hour day just went to a 16!!!!!! If anyone is connecting though ATL this afternoon......DON'T! If you can reroute (or connect through another hub) I would definitely give it a shot.....

The really bad hours will be between 7-9 pm...

Good luck...

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Old Jun 22, 01, 2:29 pm
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For a spectacular picture, see www.weather.com and plug in one of ATL's zip codes (30092, 30324, etc). Wow! Sorry, 10kster
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Old Jun 22, 01, 4:19 pm
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The FAA has a very useful web site that shows delays across the country http://www.fly.faa.gov/flyFAA/index.html
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Old Jun 22, 01, 6:03 pm
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10kster --

take it easy. I wouldn't trade places with you today for all the tea in china.
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Old Jun 22, 01, 6:20 pm
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it's 7:18pm and DL has cancelled 199 flights on the 22 Jun. Most from/to ATL....as the storms move NE LGA/NYC/DCA/IAD/PHL and it goes on.....are canelling left and right...oops.....the number just came over the radio making it 205.........


Anyone in another city waiting to connect in ATL....DO NOT...I REPEAT DO NOT COME TO THIS CITY FOR ANY CONNECTING FLIGHTS....CALL AND REBOOK....ASAP!!!!

OH...206 NOW!
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Old Jun 22, 01, 6:21 pm
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Same thing going on with Northwest. Don't know where the prob is, maybe Detroit, but I just had my flight out of Baltimore cancelled, as well as the flight after it, and the last flight looks very iffy, as well as anything out of DCA.

All planes are full/overbooked until tomorrow afternoon.

I am stranded for the weekend in Baltimore.

See? It ain't ALWAYS Delta!
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Old Jun 22, 01, 8:44 pm
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DL is up to 241 cancellations as of 9:45pm eastern
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Old Jun 22, 01, 10:52 pm
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I was in your ATL mess Friday afternoon. Booked on DL 480 for BWI, sked departure 3:45 p.m. Pushed back from the gate around 4:45 p.m. or so, then sat on the ramp down behind Terminal E for about 2 hours, after which the flight cancelled because apparently nothing was going into BWI.

I can certainly understand the weather problems.

The only really irritating thing about the entire encounter is that the baggage service office flat-out refused to reclaim my checked bag. They said they were simply overwhelmed, and they weren't reclaiming any bags tonight.

I rebooked to fly ATL-LGA on Saturday, and the baggage folks assured me that the bag tag would be overridden in the computer and that sometime during the night the tag would be scanned, at which time it would show that I was going to LGA and not BWI on Saturday, and that a new tag would be put on the bag and it sent on its merry way with me.

Is this true? Should I go out to the airport Saturday morning and try to retrieve it again, or should I trust what I was told -- that the tag would be scanned and consequently a new LGA tag will be attached??? I really need that bag in NYC for Saturday.

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Old Jun 23, 01, 5:04 am
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Got stranded in Kennedy last night... new record, 6.25 hours on the tarmac. I will have to say the driver came on every 30 minutes to update us. They did feed teh biz elite, they showed three movies. Not a bad wait for me but I did fel for the poor. schmucks in coach.
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Old Jun 23, 01, 1:51 pm
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Well, pause..........can you trust it? Sort of, kind of....and on days other than yesterday I would say the answer is yes. We do send rechcheck messages through our computer and they do retag the luggage, but yesterday (and subsequently every bad weather day) the recheck does closed down and bags are unretrievable....and usually just sent (however) to the final destination. From inside I'm very curious about your results........
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Old Jun 23, 01, 3:00 pm
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My flight from the west coast just beat the storm into ATl. What a roller coaster ride!!! I loved it, but I digress. Flight to CVG was only 1 hour late, I was lucky.

My complaint is that my baggage must have been left in a swimming pool SOAKED SOAKED SOAKED... No excuse for that.
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Old Jun 24, 01, 12:59 am
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Well, I just returned from a mini-mileage run (all today-Saturday) CHS-ATL-EWR-BOS-ATL-CHS....and I was hoping for at least one bump (since three of the five legs were oversold by at least 5-10 at the outset). I also figured the itinerary would be well booked since most flights into boston from ATL today were overbooked with passengers from yesterday.

Well, on a performance level, the flights really went all but perfectly. We were a little late getting into boston, but to tell you the truth I was asleep for all of the flying time and some of the ground time, so I'm not even sure were the delay ocurred! My 7:15 out of boston to ATL was CX'd, but I was booked on the 8:15m which left on time, with a few standbys on board. No bumps. No real flight irregularities (except for the one hour delay due to the canceled flight - which didn't affect my arrival time at CHS).

The point of this post: I jumped into the fray the morning after a bad air traffic day, and noticed virtually no effect from it. Good job Delta! Of course, I am saddened that I didn't get to volunteer along the way, even though I was #1 on the volunteer list for all five segments (even the half empty ones ). Can't have your cake arrive on time and eat it too, I guess.
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Old Jun 24, 01, 7:27 am
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Greetings from sunny Amsterdam. Flew ORF-ATL on Friday on the 14:50, actually left on a 90 minute delay (about 5 minutes before the 13:20 to ATL) and saw our connection DL38 still at the gate. By the time we got to E it was gone. Got rerouted through Manchester, kept our BizE upgrades (thank you Delta), and made it with only a few hours delay. Unfortunately, our bags did not make it, and in fact did not leave ATL until Saturday on DL38 to AMS. They're supposed to be delivered in the next hour or so. Tight race as we need to set-up for a trade show here in town, and yes, I even had to check my personal stuff since I was carrying a bunch of junk for the show.

I really miss my bags..
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