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Ventures May 31, 00 9:22 am

Compensation: “Bumps” — Voluntary and Involuntary Denied Boarding [2000-2019]
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I volunteered to be bumped off an international Delta flight over the weekend from a business class seat. I know that compensation varies, but was wonderring what kind of compensation others have gotten. Rather than stay in Europe overnight, I had then re-route me through another European city and was sent there in economy and back to the US in business.

belle3388 May 31, 00 11:00 am

u meant u were bumped from biz, and u took a coach on the next flight instead?

Tomphot May 31, 00 11:32 am

They couldn't pay me enough to do that!

Ventures May 31, 00 12:25 pm

They bumped me from business BCN-JFK, they then flew me in coach from BCN-ZRH, and business from ZRH-JFK..they compensated me with a 1000 USD travel voucher.

jeffreyt May 31, 00 12:35 pm

This is extremely generous compensation since it effectively gives you a free round trip in Biz Elite using a system wide to many European cities. I recently used a systemwide and flew BE to LGW for $968.00. The great thing about the compensation is that you can apply it to as many tickets as it was last for (e.g. if you buy one ticket for $500, you still have $500 left to apply to another ticket). By willing to sit in coach for a intra-European flight and then business over the ocean, I'd do it for half that much in a heart beat.

ChrisMoss7 May 31, 00 3:35 pm

It may be better than you think! You may have been booked in revenue Biz. That generates a 25% bonus which means 1,000 miles JFK - ZRH plus the 500 or more miles from the extra segment (if it was a DL coded flight to ZRH). Even if you didn't get that, you got the ZRH - JFK double miles promotion.

Were you bumped to accomodate a Biz class pasenger or was it because they oversold coach?


Ventures Jun 1, 00 5:40 am

They oversold coach, so i volunteered eventhough I was in Biz class. I guess you are referring to the AA promotion of double miles?

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Tute84 Jun 1, 00 2:59 pm

That was a great deal. I would have accepted in a heartbeat.

ChrisMoss7 Jun 1, 00 4:45 pm

Ventures - Not an AA bonus that I am talking about. Double DL miles JFK - ZRH. Just did that route last weekend. It credited instantly when my flight did.


Ventures Jun 5, 00 9:01 am

The flight I was on was not a DL codeshare, but rather an AA codeshare. Let's see if I get credited.

ChrisMoss7 Jun 5, 00 12:36 pm

I would ask/demand politely for the base miles and elite level miles (if applicable) to be credited to your Delta account but you probably won't get the bonus.

JRF Jun 8, 00 5:15 am

I think you did quite well. The difference between business class and coach intra Europe is minimal. If you are lucky the seat is a tiny bit bigger and the food in on china instead of plastic. In most cases, all you get is a free newspaper.

A few weeks ago I was flying from JFK to DUB in coach. The entire flight was oversold (coach and business) and I would up taking an $800 travel voucher and flew from JFK to Manchester to Dublin. I arrived 3 hours later then originally planned in Dublin, and it was early Sunday morning. I also managed to get a business class seat on the flight to Manchester and a business class fare so I earned the mileage bonus.

I think all in all you did well. This was the first time I voluntarily upgraded, and would probably do it again so long as it was a re-route and not a stop-over, although on a weekend I would consider lots of options for $800 to 1000.

johnlee Jun 12, 00 4:48 pm

On a related topic, when you use a Delta travel voucher (obtained from being voluntarily bumped), do you earn Skymiles? I figured that as long as at least part of the trip was paid, you would earn miles (i.e., use a $500 voucher and $100 of your own money for a $600 flight). Anyone know?

Damian Jun 12, 00 5:12 pm

Travel voucher obtained from being voluntarily bumped works like $$ and earn 100% of the miles.

jwhite4 Jul 25, 00 4:28 pm

Can I get an upgrade certificate as part of bump compensation?
Previously written about, but as background:
- was on a DL JFK-LAX flight
- flight was oversold, offered to be bumped
- was rebooked in BE class for next flight
- next flight was also overbooked, but girlfriend didn't want to offer this time, afraid of losing BE seats

- What would have happened on rebooking for 3rd flight if we were bumped:
Would they have seen we were booked in BE, and try to put use there again?
Or, would they have sees original ticket (1st flight) was coach, and not worry too much if BE not available? 2nd ticket was rebooked (from what I've heard) incorrectly as J class (paying BE), vs V/Z (?), an upgrade.
- If we did go back down to coach, is there any extra compensation we could have asked for? I was thinking (after the fact) maybe an upgrade certificate, so that we could get back into BE (or F/C where applicable) on another flight.
If so, what exactly should I have asked for? Our BE upgrade would have been transcontinental. Since most other DL flights require a change of planes, I think I'd want something that would cover a multi-segment flight, not just an 800-1000 mile upgrade. Also, would prefer it to be on any fare, not a restricted set (our original tickets were $209RT webfare ones). Does such an upgrade exist?

Thanks for any input.


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