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SRQ Guy Jul 3, 03 11:55 am

They'll probably offer $400 for an overnight on that route. Also push for a free upgrade to F. That's what I get when I get bumped overnight on ATL-TPA legs.

Joyce15 Jul 3, 03 11:55 am

My last overnight bump compensation (it was in Atlanta) was $750 per person.
Delta also paid for the hotel and food vouchers. This was a few years ago. Not sure if the overnight amounts have changed.

Fly So Free Jul 3, 03 1:12 pm

This past March I received a $400 voucher along with hotel and food vouchers for an overnight on this route.

EmoryFlyer Jul 3, 03 2:45 pm

From what I understand, Delta will only give out a MAX of $400 plus hotel and meals for a bump. If you are bumped with only a 2-3 hour delay, expect $200-250.

On a last-flight-of-the-night ATL-BOS a few months ago, gate agents needed about 15 people to volunteer. They had a list of potential candidates (including us), but when they wouldn't budge on the $400 compensation voucher about half of us changed our minds. This caused a lot of last minute confusion at the gate as they searched for others who would do it. It also delayed the flight for at least 20 minutes. So, I think this $400 max rule is pretty firm.

NoStressHere Jul 3, 03 3:13 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Joyce15:
My last overnight bump compensation (it was in Atlanta) was $750 per person.
Delta also paid for the hotel and food vouchers. This was a few years ago. Not sure if the overnight amounts have changed.
Dear Joyce15: thanks for the response, but anything from a few years ago is a long ways from today. They are changing these rules so fast, it is hard to tell anymore.

PS - Thanks for adding in the comment that it was a few years ago.

jjglaze77 Jul 3, 03 6:54 pm

Definately MAX at $400.00... I've done the ATL-MCO, MCO-ATL overnights on several occasions... 400 + meals + hotels...

oupiglet Jul 3, 03 10:33 pm

First post, but I read here often.

In Feb. I took a bump on a ATL-MCO flight. Got the next flight out about 2 hours later and got $400. A few months ago they were looking for bumps on the last flight out and again were only offering $400 plus hotel.

IndustrialPatent Jul 3, 03 10:35 pm

DL was only offering $400 + hotel + $20 meal vouchers for ATL-LAX last week...

nur Jul 4, 03 10:33 am

'Bumped-off' air passengers to get as much as £415 compensation

Just read it, might be interesting in the future (flights to Europe?)

PurdueFlyer Jul 4, 03 11:04 am

odd thing happened a few weeks back in Paris. Before boarding for my flight to CVG (Boeing 777), I had this gut feeling that was flight was oversold. No announcement was made yet so I went up and queried the gate agent while the line was short. He confirmed that the flight was indeed oversold and they would probably need 3 volunteers. I offered to give up my seat and asked how much compensation was being offered. he said $400 voucher or $200 check. I took the $400, got the flights changed and was on my way to the Air France terminal before any announcement was ever made to the people at the gate.

This was a good experience, but is this normal? I half expected the agent to tell me to wait until the announcement was made. Or, would they rather discreetly take care of a smart passenger who knows the questions to ask, and get that passenger on their way, without making a big scene at the gate?

...flying IND-ATL-MCO on Monday at 6:30am. flights look packed so far. We'll see what happens with the oversell situation there (if any). I'll take copious notes and report back

Happy Independence Day!

Boiler Up!

heckler Jul 4, 03 11:25 am

I have found there to be somewhat of a zen art in getting bumped.. which includes:

1). When getting to the gate, see what sort of aircraft is at your gate, then eyeball the gate area and see how many people are there (as you get nearer to boarding time). Sometimes the crowd gives away the fact they are overbooked, depending on the size of the aircraft. I thikn many of us have walked down one of ATL's terminals and seen a huge throng of people jammed into one gate for a 757 or 767 to the west coast, etc.

2). Don't wait for the gate agent to announce for volunteers. Use #1 and other techniques to predetermine if they may need some, and then, when they have a slow point in the line, inquire about volunteers preemtively.

EmoryFlyer Jul 4, 03 7:10 pm

Never hurts to check availability on before your flight either

jjglaze77 Jul 4, 03 9:03 pm

As stated in another Topic ( ), I have been able to save up enough vouchers for myself and some friends to go to Europe. Although, no expert, I do have a little method that has worked 100% of the time for me.

1. Although does help as far as the number of seat assignments, I always look at E-Tour, and see if almost everything is zeroed out...

2. Websites can help... but I never got good success until I read something, I think it was in the boading pass envelope, saying that a Delta representative was required to disclose whether a flight was oversold or not. So, as soon as I wake up, or a few hours before time to leave, I give DL a call and ask about my flights, and they have always told me whether or not the flights were oversold.

3. If a flight I am on is oversold, I always arrive (unless I have a tight connection) 1 hour 15 minutes before flight time. The gate opens 1 hour before time, and I to this date have been the first on the bump list, and so if they need anyone they use me.

I have never been told to wait for an announcement, I have always been put on the list, or had them keep my boarding pass. I often book a double connection in ATL & DFW and so far, I STILL have not EVER actually flown ATL to DFW because everytime I have been bumped, and because they just put me on a nonstop from ATL, I typically arrive 1-2 hours early, and get rebooked in Y so more MQMs, and get $200... neato deal!

AllanJ Jul 6, 03 9:29 am

I suppose the gate agent will write up your voucher instantly if he knows for sure he needs volunteers. When lots of people check in from home, the plane can be "known to be full" quite far in advance. Otherwise the gate agent will wait until close to boarding time.

One other possibility is to give you your compensation and you will be gone and then he might offer higher compensation if needed.

In the past 20 years I have never been in a situation where the gate agent was having trouble getting enough volunteers.

Travel tips:

Marq Jul 6, 03 10:46 am

When getting to the gate, find out how many HKs there are. If HKs&gt;available seats (on the screen), they will ask for volunteers. If there are still a number of unchecked in reservations, this dimishes your chances. Last week, there were 5 unchecked in 4 HKs and then they asked for 4 volunteers. I was the first volunteer. Thirty minutes before flight, there were still 5 unchecked in so I asked for my boarding pass back since it was extremely possible that those 5 would now never check in so I would not be bumped and would have to board near the end and have a hard time finding space for my bags (6B on a 764).

I am finding fewer opportunities to get bumped ATL-MCO these days.


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