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booking award ticket around christmas, is it possbile?

I have been trying to book two award tickets to China (either PEK/PVG/HKG/CAN) around this Christmas for over a month -- checking every day and calling the skymiles partners center twiced per week, but still could not find any availability. Wondering whether the available tickets are really few and I am too late for anything this year? Will more seats be released later this year? Should I keep waiting and checking or just buy two regular tickets? Anybody has experience/tip to share with me success booking award ticket around Christmas?
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18 months ago we flew, using ff miles, in first... IAH to CDG and then on to PVG the next day...all on AF. Returned via HKG thru CDG to IAH...Flight originated the day before Christmas and return was the day after New Years. Most of the flights were less than half full in first...and all flights were wonderful!
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After my wife, daughter and I were able to book tix on AS & KE earlier this yr, I scored roundtrip tix from CGK - ICN - DFW and return for my m-i-l on the exact dates she wanted (she is coming to see our second child who will be delivered sometime around end of November). It has been a very good miles-burning year for us

nb: all these are in Y, but KE Y is such a pleasant experience that none of us are complaining!
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I Just Got a Great Itinerary . . .

95,000 miles for Business Class on an Open Jaw

6 August, IAD-DTW-AMS on NW

11 August, EDI-CDG-IAD on AF

After a day and a half touring Amsterdam and The Hague, I'm taking an overnight "cruise ferry" from Amsterdam's IJmuiden ferry port to Newcastle, UK, then taking a train to Berwick-upon-Tweed, then a bus to the incredible Holy Island of Lindisfarne, then back to Berwick-upon-Tweed for a 2 hour train ride to Glasgow, then attending Celtic FC's opening day soccer match on Sunday afternoon (100% Celtic and 100% Notre Dame). Flying home Monday from Edinburgh.
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Originally Posted by genesmasher View Post
Does anyone know why some award callendar shows "N/A" for some dates, even though I know there are Delta flights between the two points in question on that day ?
that's how the calendar plays with you... my experience has been that N/A refers to no award availability... even for SkyChoice...
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Lax - Lhr

Decided it was time for a trip this fall. Plugged in LAX to LHR and found a nice non-stop roundtrip in Business Class on Air France for 90,000 miles.

Sept 18, 2008 AF61 LAX - LHR
Sept 28, 2008 AF60 LHR - LAX

Very happy. Sure it wasn't my first choice, I was looking for something in Asia, but I can't complain. A nice non-stop in Business class on Air France from my home airport! Woohoo! Time for a vacation!

Booked online with no major issues. The only quick I noticed was I held them once and they expired. When I went back to search for them, one of the days showed no skysaver availability on the calendar, but when I clicked in on the day it did have the same flight that I had held earlier but for which it had lapsed. My guess is the calendar view updates on some sort of schedule instead of every time you search?
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Sfo - Nce, Nce - Jfk, Jfk - Sfo @ 70,000 Miles

Was able to find an almost perfect mix of Coach and Business class SkySavers during Christmas time to return home and visit friends.

December 20, 2008
SFO to CDG to NCE on Air France (Coach SkySaver)

January 1, 2008
NCE to JFK on Delta (Business SkySaver)

January 4, 2008
JFK to SEA to PDX to SFO on Delta, Horizon, Alaska (Business SkySaver)

Only downside is the return which has a few unnecessary hops but for 70,000 miles total and less than $200 in taxes and partner fees, I'm not going to complain!
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Good Availability Over Labor Day

My first choice (ATH) wasnt available...everything else was (IST, NCE, FCO, BCN, etc.)

So I got 2x JFK-CDG-IST and IST-CDG-JFK all in AF business skysaver for 90,000 each.
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140,000 SQ frist class LAX-SIN-DPS (SIN-DPS)economy, but got upgraded to business)
DPS(economy)-SIN-LAX(First class)-LAX-CVG-ATL-FLL (domestic first class)

one economy for a friend on SQ for 70,000 sfo-sin-dps-sin-sfo
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two fairly recent successes: SFO-LAX-LHR-LAX-SFO in biz class in late october through mid-november ... and SFO-EWR-SFO in first for the thanksgiving holiday (this was only organized a few weeks ago ... both were booked as SkySaver awards (!!)

but ... today i looked in on my reservations and the SFO-LAX legs of my london trip became SFO-SLC-LAX legs ... does DL (or its partners) no longer fly SFO-LAX nonstop anymore?
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Henare, a good optionis to pay for a virgin america fare from SFO-LAX, they are cheap and it is nice, even in coach, if you do not want to stop in SLC.
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SVO-CVG 50 K for my sister in law, October -January.
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Originally Posted by surferdl View Post
Henare, a good optionis to pay for a virgin america fare from SFO-LAX, they are cheap and it is nice, even in coach, if you do not want to stop in SLC.
that's exactly what i expect to do if delta can't sort this out. it just seems odd that delta is in this position ...
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On one week's notice - two BE tickets from MCO-ATL-ZRH, (stopover): ZRH-CDG-CPH, and finally, return from CPH-ATL-MCO. Great one-stop short connection out to Zurich, four hours total time from ZRH-CPH and great one-stop short connection CPH-MCO return. All done online in twenty minutes with only one change in hoped-for schedule and that was just to come back a day later than planned. Very easy! Another example that if you can wait until the last week or two to schedule there are a lot of great BE award seats out there. We've waited until very late several times and always been able to work out BE tickets to Europe in May to August with little flexibility needed.
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Is it just me or has the chart showing award levels for redemptions not originating in North America disappeared? It advises me to click through to the calendar, but then I get error messages when trying to use it for KE award.

I would like to see a chart that lists all the skymiles award levels.
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