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last week I booked skysaver awards for three (domestic) on the first choice of dates and great times too for next week no less IAD-LAX... I was quite impressed at how easily I got them..
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Spring of this year I easily got a First/Business award on Korean Air (KE) for the following routing:


And just booked a month ago, again in a combination of First/Business:


(Note: this was booked/ticketed before the recent award cutback news for AF and KE)

The reason for it not being all first class for each entire journey is only some of the segments are "3 cabin" true first service KE. The Dom Perignon at 10:00 in the morning was incredible!!
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I'm pleased that so many of you have had such success with obtaining skysaver seats. But I challenge you to get them to/from Bermuda...where my family and I reside.

Since this is home, our travel typically originates and/or culminates here. Although factors on our routes (only two - one via BOS and one via ATL) haven't changed much, in my experience, skysaver inventory has all but disappeared (this is a recent development but one which shows no sign of abating). Accordingly, our DL miles have lost almost all value to us.

FYI I checked earlier this week and there were a grand total of two seats available for the balance of the year on DL to/thorough BOS and those just opened up (for Xmas Day). There is nothing to/through ATL. January wasn't much better...three or four seats total, I think. This sits in stark contrast to even a few months ago, when I could almost always get a seat within days of my preferred travel date, at least to BOS.

Although pretty discouraging for us, for those of you who can boast success elsewhere, both by booking early and late, good on you! Wish we were so fortunate.
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In March or so I got award tickets for a summer trip to MAD on AF in first. BNA-2 connections in the US, forget where now-CDG-MAD. paris-mad part was in business AF, which was far worse than the easyjet flight i took to get to berlin and poland. Only intercontinental AF for me from now on. Had one less connection on the way home, but as long as I'm up front drinking for free and hanging in the lounge I don't care how many flights it takes. I think that is the key to getting the dates you want. That and persistance on the phone.
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Just able to book a trip to Germany for next Sept- FC on AF- booked before the new memo-but Delta BE on the return.[No AF FC available on my return date]
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Able to book ATL-SIN and EWR-SIN at two days' notice

Lately I have been lucky with SkyMiles. Due to a family emergency, I had to book tickets from US to Singapore twice within a week at 2 days' notice. Both times, I was able to get onto the Executive Economy EWR-SIN flight with no problems. On the second one, I was able to book entire itinerary ATL - DCA, DCA - CVG, CVG - EWR and EWR - SIN as I desired.
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Originally Posted by snd2000
Lately I have been lucky with SkyMiles. Due to a family emergency, I had to book tickets from US to Singapore twice within a week at 2 days' notice. Both times, I was able to get onto the Executive Economy EWR-SIN flight with no problems. On the second one, I was able to book entire itinerary ATL - DCA, DCA - CVG, CVG - EWR and EWR - SIN as I desired.
@:-) Three flights to move 746 miles, one flight to move 9500+ miles. Whoa.

Did you "pay" the standard amount of miles for an SQ economy class award even though you scored the nonstop Exec. Econ. EWR-SIN? If so, that'd be a heckuva great deal. :-:
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In the past couple of months I have booked a total of 4 Bus. Elite tickets all at skysaver rates.

Two tickets: JAX GIG for Christmas
Two tickets: JAX AMS for August.

Just booked the AMS flight this week and was able to do in on Very helpful!!
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July 2005 Skysaver 90,000 miles each, 2 tickets.

CDG-FCO AZ in BE Originally booked on AF but missed the flight.
Rebooked to AZ and got miles for this leg posted to Delta.


One call and got all the flights I wanted.
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In March I was able to book 4 skysaver coach seats ATL-SJU for June. Did it online and got the exact dates.

In August, I booked 3 skysaver coach seats ATL-CDG for March 2006. Did it online, had to depart 1 day later than hoped.
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My recent wins include:

PHL-CDG-PHL in J on AF with 2 weeks' notice
PHL-CDG-DTW-JAN in J on AF/NW (open jaw) in J with 2 weeks' notice
JAN-ATL-PHL-ATL in Y on DL (open jaw) with 2 weeks' notice
LAS-ATL-SCL-ATL-PHL in J on DL (open jaw) with 2 weeks' notice

The granddaddy of them all. Two RTW J tickets for spring/summer 2006:

My parents just reserved 2 J tix as follows:

Granted, it takes some persistence, but I think the weekly "Availability sucks" threads reflect laziness, misinformation, unreasonable expectations (HNL at Xmas), and lack of savvy.
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i got 3 sky savers for july 2006[list]
iah -ogg on first class only 75 k miles sweet deal
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I booked the following today on Delta's website:

1 person in B/E March 18, 2006 LAX-FRA on Delta
March 27, 2006 FRA-LAX on Delta

Took me about 5 minutes (I tried first STR and MUC) to find these award
tickets in skysaver.
Routing outbound is a little weird. It's LAX-SLC-JFK-FRA, but inbound is
very good, FRA-ATL-LAX, even on a 777.
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Reserved this 2 weeks ago....120K miles required. Booked with Delta. 1st preference on all dates.

Fri 23DEC Korean Air 654 BKK-ICN (Business Class)
Fri 23DEC Korean Air 1 ICN-LAX (Business Class)
Fri 30DEC Delta 480 LAX-ATL (Business Class)
Fri 30DEC Delta 600 ATL-BWI (Business Class)
Sat 07JAN Korean Air 94 IAD-ICN (Business Class)
Sun 08JAN Korean Air 653 ICN-BKK (Business Class)

Have the privilege of having the tickets issued one month before departure.
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On Friday, November 4, I booked two coach (SkySaver) tix from ATL to SJD for Dec. 4-8 of this year. Got the non-stop flights inbound and outbound too. For all the other concerns I have, I have no complaints in the redemption area at all.
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