Award Ticket Success - Post It Here

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My first award - I'm so excited..

2 Skysavers
MLB>ATL>LAS (free stopover)
all in Dec 2006/Jan 2007

Thia was a learning process. I so fondly recall my alarm goling off at 11:50pm so I can be on the phone with India only to hang up on them and call the internet support desk so I can talk to someone inthe U.S. Also, the redemption date kept changing. At first it was 14 days, then 13, then 28 days, then redeem by the next day. Finally the last few miles posted and I was able to redeem this award. What a journey!
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Coach SkySaver,

Outbound mid Jul
EDI - TPA (DL metal, connect in ATL)

Return aug

IAH - EDI (DL metal, connect in ATL)

Was able to ticket this last week via DL on the phone..
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have had great success with DAL

booked the following 330 days in advance
booked 4 tickets BOS>LAX>OGG>SFO>SLC>BOS in Nov 2004
booked 4 tickets BOS>CDG>BLR>CDG>COS in March 2005

booked just 2 weeks prior to the trip
booked 1 ticket BOS>CDG>BLR>CDG>BLR in Nov 2005

I love DAL for their cooperation in assissting in these bookings
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I just flew on a a SkySaver Itineary
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2005 Redemptions:

- 1 Skysaver coach LAS-BNA-MCO-LAS
Flew March '05, booked same week

- 1 skysaver coach LAS-MSO (Missoula, MT)
Flew July '05, booked June '05

- 1 skysaver coach LAS-MSO
Flew Aug '05, booked July '05

- 2 Skysaver First
Upper Class on Virgin LAS-LGW and LHR-LAX. This is an example of being
flexible. Couldn't get LAS-London-LAS but flying back to LAX was
available. $49 1-way tickets on Southwest made the final journey home.
As I joked with my wife we went from Upper Class to Lowest of the low
class in one fell swoop.
Flew Sept '05, booked in April '05

- 2 Skysaver coach LAS-NNL for Nov '05 - ended up not going, tickets were
available and held for 2 weeks around August or so. Had no trouble fidning
tickets and surpised me since I had read so much on FT about
difficulty in getting saver tickets to Hawaii

- 2 Skysaver coach LAS-CUN for Jan '06 (due to hurricane damage, hotel
cancelled reservation so ended up not flying and got mileage back free of
Booked in August after cancelling Hawaii

- 2 Skysaver Coach LAS-BGI (Barbados) January '06
Booked December '05 after Cancun trip had to be rescheduled and we
finally ended up going somewhere hot and oceany

On tap for '06:

2 Skysaver coach
LAS - OTP in May, booked last week
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After months without much availability during the peak ski season, I'm finally able to book CAE-ATL-SLC SkySavers. Of course, they now cost the extra $50 for being within 14 days.


Also have availability for CAE-ATL-SLC on Mar 9-14 for the other flight that I already booked (with great difficulty and 2 hours on the phone) as CLT-ATL-SLC. We'll stick with the CLT departure rather than shell out $50 for the change fee.

I've seen a lot of availability to various ski destinations during my changes. SLC, COS, JAC, BOI, ABQ. Not much luck with RNO, and not as many flights to DEN, though.
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I don't earn many miles so I've only booked SkySaver coach awards, but I've had good luck booking awards on partner airlines. I was able to get BRU-CDG-OTP in April 2003 with a couple months' notice, and last summer I was able to use a SkySaver award ticket for summer Europe travel, although in that case my dates were flexible. Outbound in May was CVG-YUL-CDG/ORY-BIA (DL/AF), while the return was PRG-JFK-CDG (OK/DL) in August. The original booking was the October before, but a couple of months before the trip I had to change the outbound date. Luckily there was still space available.
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Thumbs up thanking my lucky stars...

Got another First Class award on Singapore Airlines: on the exact flight I wanted on the exact days I wanted-- about 10 days before Christmas and the day after New Year's 2007. I booked it 330 days out from the return leg. But no availability in any class to get me up to BKK or from BKK back down to SIN. Including the new one and another upcoming trip, I've scored the following within the last year or so, all originating in ATL:

Memorial Day 2005: SQ Raffles LAX-(TPE)-SIN, Economy up to BKK, Raffles SIN-(NRT)-LAX
Christmas 2005: SQ First SFO-(HKG)-SIN, Raffles up to BKK, First HKG-SFO
Memorial Day 2006: SQ Raffles LAX-SIN nonstop, Economy up to BKK, Raffles SIN-LAX nonstop
Christmas 2006: SQ First SFO-(HKG)-SIN, nothing up to BKK, SQ First SIN-(HKG)-SFO.

The Golden Goose has smiled upon me again, and I'm oh so happy. Gotta love a ride on a Megatop, especially one up front in a SkySuite.
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Emirates First Class JFK-DXB in March for 2 people...with seats together.
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Thumbs up Success with partners

Booked today for Mar 2006:

CLE-DTW-SFO-HNL and HNL-SFO-IAH-CLE all on NW except for SFO-IAH-CLE on CO.

Put it together searching on CO and NW Japan (thanks to vinnmann for that tip ). Had to call twice; the first rep was clueless. She first said that she didn't think NW was a DL partner, then she couldn't find the existance of a flight between CLE-DTW.

Called about an hour later and the next rep was excellent; he had trouble booking the CO segment at first, but was able to a few minutes later. But in the meantime he found for me a DL and NW routing that would work as well. I immediately sent an e-mail to Delta prasing him.
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Booked today. Interestingly enough, I was told that you can't book a South African leg on a itinerary containing Sky Team partner flights. The agent gave an explanation but it didn't make too much sense. Nonetheless, with 2, 120,000 miles savers in Biz during the busy season in southern Africa, I wasn't going to complain. I have always found the agents at the partner desk to be so much more consistanlty knowledgeable that I now call them to book DL only travel.

Flight # Cabin &
Class Flight
Status Upgrade
Status Departs Arrives
From Time/Date To Time/Date
Delta 277 First (R) Confirmed Chicago-Ohare, IL (ORD) 5:35am
23 Dec 2006 Atlanta, GA (ATL) 8:37am
23 Dec 2006
Delta 845 First (R) Confirmed Atlanta, GA (ATL) 9:35am
23 Dec 2006 Knoxville, TN (TYS) 10:29am
23 Dec 2006
Northwest Airlines Inc 5877* (W)
See Cabin Confirmed Knoxville, TN (TYS) 4:30pm
25 Dec 2006 Detroit-Wayne County, MI (DTW) 6:10pm
25 Dec 2006
* Operated by Pinnacle Airlines
Air France 373* (O)
See Cabin Confirmed Detroit-Wayne County, MI (DTW) 7:20pm
25 Dec 2006 Paris-De Gaulle, France (CDG) 8:50am
26 Dec 2006
* Operated by Delta Partner
Air France 992* (O)
See Cabin Confirmed Paris-De Gaulle, France (CDG) 6:55pm
26 Dec 2006 Johannesburg, South Africa (JNB) 6:45am
27 Dec 2006
* Operated by Delta Partner
Air France 995* (O)
See Cabin Confirmed Johannesburg, South Africa (JNB) 8:45pm
7 Jan 2007 Paris-De Gaulle, France (CDG) 6:15am
8 Jan 2007
* Operated by Delta Partner
Air France 1114* (X)
See Cabin Confirmed Paris-De Gaulle, France (CDG) 7:45am
8 Jan 2007 Milan (Malpensa), Italy (MXP) 9:20am
8 Jan 2007
* Operated by Delta Partner
Alitalia 626* (Z)
See Cabin Confirmed Confirmed Milan (Malpensa), Italy (MXP) 10:30am
8 Jan 2007 Chicago-Ohare, IL (ORD) 1:45pm
8 Jan 2007
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Just reserved and redeemed 2x25,000 miles for two standard awards between Atlanta and Salt Lake City. We reserved and ticketed (online) today and we fly tomorrow! Got the non-stop flights we wanted, too.
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It was SO much easier than I expected. In one call that took about 30 minutes:

No status, supersaver award, First/Business Elite the whole way:

August 25: DEN-ATL-JFK-CDG
September 5: CDG-AMS-CVG-DEN

90k miles later, I'm going to Paris for Labor Day!
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Delta has been making major schedule changes. Early this morning, there were no JFK - LAX nonstops. Now they have been re-loaded. And with the re-load there are a ton of SkySaver seats between JFK and LAX&SFO.

I just booked for 2 passengers, rountrip SkySaver economy between JFK to HNL:
JFK-LAX 10/20/06
LAX-HNL 10/21/06
HNL-JFK 10/28/06

There is a lot of availability and my dates are all on the weekends.

Besides, the transcons, there is a lot of availability between LAX/SFO to HNL/OGG for this time period also.

Get those SkySavers while they last.
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The gods are smiling, the planets aligned! This week scored 1 F seat Emirates JFK-DXB r/t in May and 1 F seat Singapore Airlines SFO-SIN r/t (with stopover in HKG on return) in November. Even cleared F seats for the DL domestic portion on both trips. Surprising, as my return from SFO to JAX for the SQ trip is over Thanksgiving weekend.

The very helpful folks at the Delta desk both remarked the Emirates F/J awards seemed to be more plentiful the last 2-3 months, with Singapore F still tougher.
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