Award Ticket Success - Post It Here

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The kind of thing that helps put DL in the hole they are now in

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I did not have a lot of trouble reserving two BE tickets JFK-TXL-JFK for mid-March using the old Frequent Flyer Miles' M4 award (140K for the two).

When I called to ticket this res, the agents that I talked to screwed around with this thing for about a half hour and then came back to me that since it was for two pax on one award, I would need to ticket it at a DL counter.

It sounded OK to me because I am accustomed to needing to get paper tickets if I have a partner award on a Star Alliance carrier, so I figured out how to leave a little extra time before my flight home from SDF last night so that I could stop at the DL counter which is very centrally and conveniently located there.

Now comes the part that is hard to believe. The agent at SDF know exactly what I needed but had never issued a ticket using the old miles and needed to call ATL in order to get the proper codes, etc. When he called, they put him on hold for about 20 minutes and then he got somebody who spent about 30 minutes giving him detailed instructions which he followed diligently but which completely failed to allow him to issue the tickets.

So the Dodo in ATL finds somebody to hand him off to. This person immediately told him what Dodo had done wrong and informed him that it was a series of errors that were extremely complicated to correct. But correct it she did in the lightning quick time of 25 minutes (and I thought that USAir was a pain in the butt with the 20 minutes it usually took for them to issue the *A paper tickets).

Add it up and you'll see that DL had its agents tied up for more than an hour and a quarter (and I'm not even bothering to count the two on the phone the week before) issuing some free tickets and what is even more bizarre, they were not the paper tickets that I was expecting but merely E-ticket receipts showing the mileage deducted and the (very reasonable) $56 in taxes and fees that I needed to pay for each passenger.

If they didn't need to issue paper flight coupons, my question is why could they not have done this over the phone and saved themselves and me lots of time? Very sad and not really a good signal being sent for the survival of this company.
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In a bit of a rush to burn up 400,000 old FF miles, I spent an 1.2 hours on the phone and held itineraries for the following:

2 FC from SDF-Bermuda 2/7/06-2/13/06 total 50,000
5 EC from SDF-HNL 3/12-3/22 total 125,000
4 EC from SDF-CDG 4/24-5/22 total 200,000

We will not be able to take the time for all three of these trips-- We will weed one out in the next week or so.
As far as I could get from the agents I spoke to, there was no FC availability to Hawaii or Paris at any time from Feb-Sept. at the old ff milage rates.
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I went onto last night to see availability for TXL in case I want to go to the Do being planned in March. I was able to put a 2 week hold on BE SkySaver seats JFK-TXL on the exact dates I requested.
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Originally Posted by kiam
Reserved this 2 weeks ago....120K miles required. Booked with Delta. 1st preference on all dates.

Fri 23DEC Korean Air 654 BKK-ICN (Business Class)
Fri 23DEC Korean Air 1 ICN-LAX (Business Class)
Fri 30DEC Delta 480 LAX-ATL (Business Class)
Fri 30DEC Delta 600 ATL-BWI (Business Class)
Sat 07JAN Korean Air 94 IAD-ICN (Business Class)
Sun 08JAN Korean Air 653 ICN-BKK (Business Class)

Have the privilege of having the tickets issued one month before departure.
Managed to pull through another ticket for my gf - 120K miles (my miles though ). Ticket got issued today.

Fri 23DEC Korean Air 654 BKK-ICN (Business Class)
Fri 23DEC Korean Air 1 ICN-LAX (Business Class)
Thu 05JAN Korean Air 24 SFO-ICN (ECONOMY Class) - Waitlist for BUSINESS (will pay for 50 USD change fee once it is confirmed)
Fri 06JAN Korean Air 8659 ICN-BKK (Business Class)
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A business class award ticket that goes BOS-GIG on 12/14 with a GIG-SFO return on 12/23. A bankruptcy ruling might come 12/16 or thereafter with a possible subsequent strike vote by the pilots.
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Burned 480,000 miles on partner awards. Very surprised to be able to get excatly the dates I had hoped for. Good job, Delta!

MUC-CDG-HKG-stopover-NRT-CDG-MUC AF Business (2 tickets)
SEA-ICN-BKK-stopover-BKK-ICN-SEA KE Business (2 tickets)
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Just scored two FC (coach was also available) ATL/SFO for the exact flights and dates we were trying to get for travel next fall. This was for my wife's sister and her husband, neither of whom are medallion level flyers. ^

Also, last night my wife was able to use PMUs to upgrade a YBM fare for this coming June on an ATL/LGW itinerary. She was locked into specific travel dates and still able to get what she wanted. ^

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SkySavers booked on DL metal:
2 coach GSP-ATL-SJD (Los Cabos) 1/15-1/21/06 (Sunday - Saturday)

2 coach CAE-ATL-UVF (St Lucia) 10/26-10/31/06 (Thurs - Tues)
I've seen lots of availability throughout the year on this route to St Lucia.

I'm not having much luck finding a two-segment SkySaver to SLC from South Carolina for the days that I want in March, though. Will probably just wait for a fare sale to buy that ticket.
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4 skysaver ABQ-SLC-HNL on Delta for Oct 06. I did it using the partner award desk.....

What happens if Delta goes under? Since I am ticketed and have paid all my taxes and fees etc would I be given tickets on another airline for the same dates?
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BE SkySaver BHM-LGW-BHM for mid February 2006, exact dates. Just booked last night.
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Originally Posted by vinnmann
SJD should be a nice break in January. There should be plenty of sun and umbrella drinks. I am guessing that SLC in March can be difficult due to the skiers on spring break.
Yes, I'll be one of those skiers on vacation. However, the problem is compounded by so many people that just need a FF seat that connects in SLC. That's bad news for anyone that wants a FF seat to other ski destinations such as Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana; or to non-ski destinations such as Eugene, Oregon, which is only served by Delta Connection from SLC and DEN; or for the "holy grail" with SLC-OGG.

Nonetheless, flights from CAE to SLC can often be found for under $300 during a sale. Current best price of $303 (T fare) is available on my desired travel dates, but the outbound has a 4 hour layover and the return time is later than I'd desire.

And of course, did not let me see those later flight times unless I explicitly asked for that later range. Instead, I used to find that better price. Why doesn't let you search the entire day at once??? Why the limiting 8-hour ranges? (Rhetorical questions.)
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I just got not one, but TWO BusinessElite seats on Delta's new route to Tel Aviv via Atlanta (for shortly after the route begins). 120,000 miles each.
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booked atl-jfk-lhr - virgin upper - got the last seat - for may

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