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2023 Upgrade Success (Or Lack Thereof) Thread

2023 Upgrade Success (Or Lack Thereof) Thread

Old Dec 20, 2023, 10:25 am
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PM w/Reserve and Companion

12/19 DL5284 1&2 of 7 for 0 seats. Ended up taking VDB of $800 each to take the morning flight

12/20 DL5316 9&10 of 21 for 4 seats. Did get C+ at gate.

Brings total success for the year to 12/17 on complimentary FC upgrades.
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Old Dec 20, 2023, 12:54 pm
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Originally Posted by GoBob
3/22. DL 5769 BOS-DCA. Had C+ on later flight but SDC at gate to get on earlier flight; ended up in poor man's C+ aka no neighbor in 10A. 3/24. DL 5700 DCA-BOS C+ booked in the other poor man's FC on the E175 aka seat 5B with unlimited legroom. 1/8 for FC with 1 seat, but filled (maybe SDC?) at T-4. No UG. 4/12. Award tickets in Main. UG to C+ on both flights at T-18. DL 2118 BOS-RDU. 1/7 for 3 FC; must have been certificates or SDC ended up as #1 on list with 0 remaining. Connected to DL 1018 RDU-FLL. 7/10 for 1 FC seat; no UG. Was just glad to land and get my rental car before the airport flooded and shut for 24 hrs. Total value on UGs: $62. Running stats: 4/6 (66%) any upgrade; 1/6 (17%) for FC. Paradoxically, numbers down from last year as Silver but most of that flying was done in summer with less medallion competition. Total value to date (calculated as buy-up cost on app at five days out from departure): $214.
Final update of the year and first since April. 27 segments with DL on the year, with one more to go. I'm in PS on that flight and not looking to upgrade- the D1 buyup was over $2,000 the last time I checked.

In any event, I spent the first half of the year as FO, and the remainder of the year as Gold. I'll hit Platinum on this upcoming flight. A first for me...5/3. DL776 BOS-DEN. Award in Main. paid UG to C+. No UG to F (forget list numbers).

6/1. DL1748 BOS-DTW. 27/39 for zero in F. 10/18 for C+. No UG, no surprise...

6/2. DL2374 DTW-BOS. Main. UG to C+ at check in. 1/6 for 2 in F. UG at gate. Value: $160. Sub-2 hr flight so really just a better seat than C+ but I'll still take it...

6/4. DL 1127 BOS-MSP. Main cabin. 40/50 for 0 in 1st; 21/32 for 2 in C+. No UG. Glad I snagged exit row despite booking late.

6/5. Gold threshold met.

6/6. DL MSP-BOS. Main. C+ at check in. 1/6 for 5 I F. Didn't want to get home after 1 am. Only standbys available for SDC to earlier flights but paid fare difference ($390!) to move to the 12:45 pm flight, and got 26B on the 321 - exit row next to jump seat, so it all worked out. C+ middle offered at gate but declined. PS, great crew on this flight - gave me a bag full of the leftover lemon coconut bars as they were changing over to chocolate macadamia in the snack basket (a definite downgrade IMO....).

9/14 DL 5629 BOS-RIC. Main cabin. SDC and C+ at booking. Died at 1/3 for FC upgrade. Value: $21.

9/27 DL 1401 BOS-FLL. Main. UG to first at Gold window. Light flight. Don't remember buy up, probably around $200.

9/28 fll-atl, atl-sfo. No UG on ATL inbound. Outbound to SFO was a C+ window, first row with a bit extra legroom. Don't recall crazy upgrades list numbers. Value: $63.

9/30 sfo-bos. UG to C+ at Gold window. No 1st. Not close. Value: $74.

10/12. DL 5638 BOS-PHL. Main. UG to C+ at Gold window. 7/10 for 1 in first. Value: $10.

10/13. DL 5831 EWR-BOS. Main. UG to C+ at Gold window, 1st at the gate (3/10 for 4). Value: $64.

10/22. DL 1962. BOS-FLL. Main. C+ at Gold window. 3/x at the gate for 1 in first, no UG. Value of C+: $64.

10/25. DL 2115. FLL-BOS. Main. C+ at Gold window. 5/7 for 2 in first, no UG. Value?

11/1 bos-mia. $63 value in UG to C+.

11/3 mia-bos. Lightest flight I've seen in a long while: UG to first at Gold window, had an empty seat next to me. The charcuterie plate was ok. Value: $200.

11/28. BOS-MSP. C+ at 3-day window. Empty middle seat and exit row made this practically FC. 7/many for 4 FC. Value: $74.

11/29. MSP-BOS. Same as flight out: C+ at 3-day window. Again, empty middle seat and exit row made this practically FC. 10/many for 5 FC. Value: $74.

Running stats: 16/26 (61.5%) any upgrade; 5/26 (19.2%) for FC. Paradox continued as I've had a slightly lower hit rate this year compared to last even with better status and more flying. Total value to date (calculated as buy-up cost on app at five days out from departure): $1,207.
As I've said before, I think FO and Gold do very well out of Boston. And it beats my no status hops on B6/AA/UA. Cheers to all and happy 2024...
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Old Dec 20, 2023, 8:11 pm
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Last few trips of the year (PM, no credit card):

11/17 BOS-ORD A221, K fare, cleared to F at PM window
11/25 ORD-BOS A221, M fare, 4/7 for 3 open seats in F, died at #1 on the list
12/9 BOS-MSP A321, K fare, cleared to F at PM window
12/9 MSP-SFO B739, K fare, cleared to F at PM window
(and yes I intentionally booked a connection over the nonstop because the upgrade odds looked way better)

Barring any unexpected / last-minute travel ending the year at 22/26 for F (84.6%), but probably skewed by (1) BOS and (2) traveling mostly on weekends / at off-peak times
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