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Should I be Infuriated Right Now? Opinions please.

Should I be Infuriated Right Now? Opinions please.

Old Jun 3, 20, 8:07 pm
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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
Perspective is a noun. Infuriated is an adjective but also a gerund (verb acting as an adjective.....) IIRC.
Warning: nitpicking follows. Do not proceed if easily annoyed by grammar nuts. "Infuriated" is an adjective, but it is not a gerund. To be precise, it's a participial adjective, because it's the same word as the past participle of the verb "infuriate." (It infuriated me. I am infuriated.) A gerund is also derived from a verb, but it functions as a noun and ends in -ing. (I like flying. I hate waiting.)

I think I've been in lockdown too long.
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Old Jun 3, 20, 8:33 pm
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It is clear for all to see that sadly, Delta has turned from one of the best run airlines in the world into a very mediocre affair.
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Old Jun 3, 20, 9:16 pm
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Originally Posted by Dieuwer View Post
It is clear for all to see that sadly, Delta has turned from one of the best run airlines in the world into a very mediocre affair.
what’s clear to me is that Delta management and leadership continually chose to deprioritize investment in robust IT — both the systems and the people necessary to develop, integrate, manage, and utilize it — and they’re now struggling to cope with the elements of today’s environment, which are far more uncertain (and far more dynamic) than ever before
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It's very hard to turn a profit on a 60% load factor, and with the current no show policy, it's very hard to predict the number of no shows for upcoming flights. The airline is basically clinging to it's brand and biding time until a return to normal. Even in good times, the actual flying part of the airline just breaks even. You're basically falling victim to the airline adapting to this new operating environment in a way that minimizes cost. If they add another leg and it collects the spills at 30% load, it loses money. If they don't overbook, the flight goes out at 50% and loses money. What I'm saying is right now, in the current environment, all airlines are operating as money losers with no way to both accommodate all demand, maintain their brands, and make money.

Yes it sucks that people didn't make it, but if the 10 of you were put on a new flight that costs $30k to operate, the airline loses a lot more than $400/pax. Until there's some way that the airline could have reasonably known in advance what the actual demand would be, it's not worth being infuriated over.
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Old Jun 3, 20, 11:11 pm
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So, not infuriated?
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How times have changed. Used to on the Delta Shuttle you were guaranteed a seat. If the flight was oversold they would roll out a spare 727 just for you.
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Originally Posted by readywhenyouare View Post
How times have changed. Used to on the Delta Shuttle you were guaranteed a seat. If the flight was oversold they would roll out a spare 727 just for you.
Those were the good old days indeed, I remember when US Airways was overbooked on their 5pm to LGA by 22. They grabbed a spare 319 and offered everyone $200 to take the extra section that left five minutes later.

I graciously took their offer and fate smiled upon us as we managed to taxi past the 5pm and get higher priority for departure thanks to some Senator from New York that decided to get on the extra section instead of their 6pm flight.

Those were the days with the Shuttle product.
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Originally Posted by RetiredATLATC View Post
So, not infuriated?
i.e. furiated?

(Apparently a long-running DL forum in joke)
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Originally Posted by coke cans and winglets View Post
I am a complete idiot sometimes. Just looked at my voucher paper and Delta gave me well more than what they said because of the SEA stuff and I am a happy camper. They gave me $800 and they only said $400!
Even before that, I think a voluntary $400 gamble, still getting you to SLC that night worked out pretty well in these extremely volatile times. Now that you got $800, I'd say you are way ahead of the game.
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Old Jun 4, 20, 2:23 am
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I am happy that OP got $800 instead of $400.

But in answering OP's original question, OP should not feel infuriated. In fact, to make this even further, OP is not entitled to be infuriated and even complain.

OP was VDBed, not IDBed. We all know the V stands for Voluntary, which means that OP's participation is not required.

The VDB game is always dynamic. Sometimes you score a great deal. Sometimes you are screwed. If OP was so concerned about making to the destination, OP should not volunteer at all.

The VDB compesation is a compromise and release. That's why once accepted, OP should not even rant about any mishaps occurred, as that can be avoided.
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Glad it worked out well for you, go somewhere fun with the $800!
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I would probably be frustrated too, but glad to hear you ended up with $800. But agreed - much more trouble and inconvenience than it should have been. The last time I accepted a VDB I ended up with a minimum rest overnight in SEA and a crappy middle seat the rest of the way. At the time it was great as we scored $800 each and redeemed them on $795 tickets to DXB... that was several years ago now.
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Infuriated? Probably not. Miffed? Sure.

I do think you should be given a better compensation though. Maybe instead of $400, $600? It could've just been an honest mistake. But you were "sold" a bill of goods, which you then didn't receive, so the compensation should change imo. You got a transcon in Y+ which is a downgrade right there and should result in some compensation and arrived like 4 hours later than originally planned on the VDB.

Frankly I'm amazed the flights are oversold. I know they're hub to hub and the seats are limited, but most places are still telling citizens that travel should be avoided unless necessary.
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Unless I have a pressing schedule, I would be delighted, instead of infuriated, to take $800 for a 6-7 hours delay.
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I am a little surprised DL got 10 VDB's for $400. Maybe everyone actually got $800?
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