Emptiest Delta Flight?

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Emptiest Delta Flight?

DL 2198 (JFK-LAS)
Late night flight on 2/25/20
15 passengers. 10 in First but one of those asked the FA if he could move back for hobo lie flat.
Boarding started late but took all of 3 minutes.
Captain welcomed us aboard our “semi-private” jet. Said it was the lightest passenger load she’d had in over 20 years with Delta.
We arrived at LAS 55 minutes ahead of schedule.
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Side note but I actually fly to LAX then back to avoid 5+ hours on those terrible aircraft. TBH having hobo lieflat is about the only way I could tolerate them.
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Wow. I wonder why. It's not like coronavirus has taken hold in vegas...yet
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Only passenger on a flight

While that is indeed a light load, there is an existing thread for only passenger on a flight.

Only passenger on a flight?
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In the 1980's I flew a 727 PBI-LGA with 7 on board.
915pm departure on Christmas night.

Oh how far revenue management has come since then.
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Flew to JFK>LHR on Thanksgiving night many years ago. Very few people. But the return flight was packed or they would have cancelled it.
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Way back around 1990. I flew Delta Connection Business Express from Albany to LaGuardia on the Shorts 360. It was a boxy plane but comfortable with large window. It was a Monday morning and I was the only passenger. There was no flight attendant on board. The co-pilot came back to the cabin and served me a muffin and coffee. It was a short but memorable flight.
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Back in 2001 or so I flew LSE-MSP on the ARJ that Mesaba operated for Northwest. The ARJ was the 4 engine 70 seat regional jet. I think there were 5 of us total.

In 2016 I flew LSE-ORD on American Eagle's ERJ-135(?), passenger capacity around 35. Three of us, my son and I and one other passenger, made up the entire load.

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Flew ATL-PHL in late November and there were 125 empty seats on the 737-900.
Emptiest I can remember in a long time. FC har 2 empty seats and C+ had 24 empty seats.
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Flew LAX-JFK on a 9hr delayed A330 flight (I jumped on it as a SDC) with about 30-40 pax, and was told that they couldn't upgrade more than ~20 pax into Delta One for weight & balance. So I had about 20 seats to myself in economy... 4 abreast Y wasn't that bad lol
Non DL I once had 16 seats in first on GA for myself, with a proper curtain divider and then a full Y class behind that. Felt very private.
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BOS-PHL on a CR9 when it just started. There were 7 people on my flight.

I was recently on an AA BOS-JFK flight on an A321T that had 15.
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The Tuesday following 9/11 (9/18) I had a flight from FLL to ATL on a 767 with only 7 passengers on board. Surprisingly 6 in F and 1 in C. Other than that, I was the only passenger on an EMB120 from EVV to ATL, just me and an FA.
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3 Passengers

I was on a mid-day ATL-MEM 737-300 Flight the day after the airports opened from 9/11. It was a very strange experience and the three of us were looking at each other rather suspiciously. The flight attendants outnumbered the passengers.
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Originally Posted by DLATL777 View Post
Side note but I actually fly to LAX then back to avoid 5+ hours on those terrible aircraft. TBH having hobo lieflat is about the only way I could tolerate them.
Why? 37" pitch 21" width is pretty standard for domestic First?
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[dl first class feels to me the worst of all us domestic firsts, probably 3-4 inches less pitch than aa and ua

QUOTE=flyerfirsts;32115332]Why? 37" pitch 21" width is pretty standard for domestic First?[/QUOTE]
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