ATL-LHR Virgin Atlantic or Delta

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ATL-LHR Virgin Atlantic or Delta

Iím taking the family to London this summer. It would be a total of about 100k miles cheaper if we flew Virgin. Has anyone flown both on this route? Virgin is an A330 and delta is a 767. Family of 5 in economy. TIA. Iím also a Platinum if that matters.
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I haven't flown ATL-LHR on DL or VS specifically, but I have a handful of times from JFK/BOS, where the product on DL vs. VS would be essentially the same (just a shorter flight time).

Personally, I would take the 100K miles savings and run with it. There's nothing about DL that's worth that cost difference.

VS has slightly "hipper" branding and probably more consistently friendly F/As (although generally I find DL to be just fine in terms of service as well), but Y is Y at the end of the day. Food is a toss-up. As far as IFE goes, VS has more British content options, as you might expect. I tend to like DL's selection more, but VS is totally adequate. Wifi is way better on DL, if that's relevant to you - I don't know about the A330 on VS, but at least on the VS 787, it's metered by volume, which is super annoying, vs. the unlimited access with a flight pass on DL.

On DL, you'd get one companion in C+, but on VS, the extra legroom seats (Economy Delight) aren't free at all even with DL status. Might be worth a look to see if one flight vs. another might have better exit row availability (which would be free for you on both airlines). Even then, up to you if 100K miles is worth exit row seats if they happen to be available on DL but not VS.
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I've flown Virgin Atlantic from several airports to LHR over the years. I prefer them over anyone else, primarily because of their people. They're just kinda ... fun. While always doing a professional job. I have nothing against Delta and am on my way to setting them up as my #1 choice for everything but LHR after giving up my United status. But Virgin started out special and still remains special. I would actually (and probably have) spend more to fly on Virgin.
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Virgin has fun colored lighting.
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If you're taking the family, give them the full Brit experience and give it to VS this time. I'm guessing that they've had the DL experience domestically - and this adds a fun flair to the vacation. That's assuming they are old enough to notice.
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In my recent experience, the upgraded 764s on Delta are great. However, the “enhanced” cabin service is terrible if you intend to sleep going eastward.

We flew VA back on an old 346. Great from a flight geek standpoint. Subpar food and IFE. Flight attendants were great.
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Prefer Virgin Atlantic for sure - especially if you're deciding between Comfort +. The Virgin Seats are wider and have more leg room than Delta C+.
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As OP states, Y, I'd say DL hands down.
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VA is Virgin Australia... VS is virgin atlantic
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Originally Posted by Spac3d View Post
Prefer Virgin Atlantic for sure - especially if you're deciding between Comfort +. The Virgin Seats are wider and have more leg room than Delta C+.
Are you comparing VS Economy Delight or Premium Economy to Delta C+? Economy Delight is comparable to C+; VS Premium Economy is equivalent DL Premium Select.

I’d rank VS PE slightly above DL PS.
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