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I live in Dallas - Stick with DL/WN or Status match to AA?

I live in Dallas - Stick with DL/WN or Status match to AA?

Old Jul 9, 19, 8:04 am
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I live in Dallas - Stick with DL/WN or Status match to AA?

Would love your thoughts on whether I should pay AA $540 for a status match to Platinum until Jan 2022 and start flying AA since I live in Dallas, or stick with a Delta/Southwest combo that basically gets me Platinum on DL and A-List on Southwest. Love Field is very convenient to my house and for the most part I've enjoyed flying Southwest. They are not as reliable as DL schedule-wise, but they are good and have a fair amount of non-stops from Love Field. I've flown AA a number of times and really don't like their Oasis planes, I don't like their Operation at DFW (Park at C, come back into B and have to take a train) and they seem to be really hit and miss with on-time operation. Two of the Exec Platinum flyers at my company detest them and are always posting how they are late, stranded, etc. But they have the most non-stops from the Dallas area, and I have some international travel that would be nice to fly non-stop instead of through ATL. So what would you do? I'm right on the edge here, but also can't imagine not being on Delta.
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Old Jul 9, 19, 8:13 am
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Google “aa bloodiest ugliest battle” and let us know if you still want to switch. If reliability & punctuality are important perhaps try Spirit or Allegiant. This is not the season to test out AA. Check back in 18 mos & see if things & attitudes have changed.
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Old Jul 9, 19, 10:03 am
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Its really a shame Delta shut down their hub at DFW. It was probably inevitable but still a shame.

I've never flown AA, but I can at least offer my 2 cents on flying one-stop intl flights: its fine going out but can suck flying home. However, there are much worse airports than ATL to frequently connect through.
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Old Jul 9, 19, 11:05 am
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Originally Posted by eneq View Post
Its really a shame Delta shut down their hub at DFW. It was probably inevitable but still a shame..
Honestly if it still existed today it would really be a thorn in AA's side at DFW. At the time it was shut down, AA was the better airline. Today that's a vastly different story and I would imagine if DL still had a sizable operation there, many people who were once loyal to AA would have switched and DFW would look something more like ORD split between two large airlines.

With that said, to the OP, no, absolutely do not do that. 10 years ago, sure. Today AA is by far the worst choice. I was an EXP before the merger with USAir and it's amazing how bad AA became in just a couple years. Today they trail the industry in almost every measurable way and are far behind Delta in hard product, soft product, customer service, reliability, IRROPs handling, etc. Just stay away would be my advice.
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Old Jul 9, 19, 12:44 pm
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AA Plat is pretty nice, since you get to select the MCE (C+) seats at booking for you and your companions, and AA is better about the priority lane, both in opening it every flight, and bringing all elites on board before MCE/Y.

But overall, I switched to DL when I was based in PHX (another AA hub) and didn't regret it. Then again I'm not a heavy business traveler, and I have an Amex Platinum card, so the connections weren't frustrating to me. It might be worth researching what type of aircraft you will be connecting to the hubs in, because the smaller jets (aside from the new A220) aren't anything fun, especially when you have to deal with planeside valet for your carry-on bags
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Old Jul 9, 19, 2:00 pm
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Originally Posted by Gig103 View Post
It might be worth researching what type of aircraft you will be connecting to the hubs in, because the smaller jets (aside from the new A220) aren't anything fun, especially when you have to deal with planeside valet for your carry-on bags
This is a very good point. As far as I know, Delta will be flying the A220 from DFW to just about every hub city, except ATL, by the end of the year. From all reports, the A220 is a great plane and might make connecting a little easier.
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Old Jul 9, 19, 2:29 pm
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I am a Delta Diamond living in Dallas. Was ExP on American before I made the switch a couple years ago. Ain't ever looking back to AA. Everything about Delta is better except the amount of non-stops. If you can get over that, then you're golden.
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Old Jul 9, 19, 2:42 pm
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Just by reading your post, I think you answered your own question....

And as an additional note, at least DL and its regional carriers don't use the E145 any more (that I know of).
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Old Jul 9, 19, 2:52 pm
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TL;DR: Stick with WN and DL. They are much better airlines.

I do my best to stick with DL as much as possible but last year project location forced me to test the waters. AA offered direct to both locations, PHL and DFW, and AA was much more price competitive than DL when flying to DFW. I am not talking $100-200 but more near $600-800 difference. I status matched via a corporate promotion with the intention of maintaining at least Platinum on AA and Diamond on DL. Unfortunately, EVERY AA flight was delayed in and out of DFW, the GAs were rude, the phone agents refused to help, and the FAs were sub-par.

After a few weeks of experiencing the mess that was AA, I only flew them when price deemed it necessary. I was sometimes able to get ~$600 to DFW when AA was going for ~$500. Knowing I was going to be on-time, I could justify this price difference. In the end, I finished with ~$6500 spend on AA but only flew 26 segments and I don't regret the decision AT ALL.

If you are traveling through Texas, WN likely has directs to any destination outside of driving distance. If you're worried about travel to the west, DEN is a great hub for WN travel and SLC for DL travel. With your proximity to DAL, I would stick with WN and DL and only use AA when absolutely necessary. If you're worried about spreading the love, up your Marriott to Titanium and get that UA Silver. That will give you an option in the event you need to fly out of DFW.

One last bit of info, you only get less than 500-mile upgrades as AA Platinum. Anything over, even if seats are available, will go out empty, You must be PP or EP to get the upgrade on anything over 500 miles if you aren't using 500-mile upgrades. The advantage of UA and DL is that Sliver and Gold stand a chance on any domestic itinerary.

In the end, the choice is yours, but I wouldn't waste money on an AA status challenge.
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Old Jul 9, 19, 2:58 pm
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If you are happy with your domestic network on WN out of DAL, then I think I can agree with the thread. I have few problems adding a connection on an international trip that is likely to take all day/night anyway if it means a better airline or product, but for domestic flights it would really be a non-starter. I don't care how nice the experience is, at some point I just need those hours back.
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Am I going to be the fly in the ointment.

First, I am based out of CLE, and have been a 1K with UA for at least 15 years. That has not stopped me from becoming a Plat on AA. I have been through the wars with UA when it was a sh!tshow and yes, it does get better and you do get comped a pot load of miles and e-certs for their inconveniencing you.

But really, my dealings with AA have not been all that tragic and in truth, non-stops are much much better than connections, no matter what the equipment or service on them.So when I need to get to DFW or CLT or MIA or even ORD, I have the choice of 2 carriers and also more choice in the available flights times. For example, UA does not even fly to LGA from CLE on Sat. mornings. AA has the earliest flights to ORD and DCA (and usually is cheaper than UA).

To get almost 18 months of Plat status on AA for $500, that is a steal. And plat status is good (not great). True you don't get UG's without stickers for flights >500 miles, but in truth, it is unlikely for you to get the opportunity, and as everyone says, AA F is no great shakes.
But.... plats do get to choose their seats...big plus at the time of booking. And plats get to do same day change, which for me and my variable schedule, has made the status
pay for itself.

And you do earn stickers, which are basically worthless (but they don't expire) and you can apply them every time to your >500 mile trips. I still have 18 but I actually used 2 this year on a Sat early AM flight from DFW to CLE. So hen's teeth do exist

My basic rule for flying...."never connect when you can go direct"
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Old Jul 9, 19, 5:05 pm
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Many many year Delta Diamond who moved to Dallas area 16 months ago. I did an AA status match and ran screaming. Now on my way to A list preferred and much happier. Don't waste your money or time
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Old Jul 9, 19, 5:53 pm
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AA is an operational disaster right now, with employees that hate the company, hate their jobs, and hate the passengers. Stick with what you’ve got...
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AA sucks, but not as much as other airlines' route networks out of Dallas.

If I lived in Dallas I would fly AA without thinking about it.

In case you haven't checked with your corporate travel department - AA offers the status match for free to some employers.
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Stick with DL and WN and if there is an international flight on AA that is much better, book it as a one off. I can’t imagine paying over $500 for platinum.
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