Delta IT Problems

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Delta IT Problems

At this point they are only my problems, but I wanted to check if anyone else is going through something similar:

- Delta ticketed flight, on VS metal, appears briefly on my account as "no mileage credit" then disappears entirely. It is part of a multi-segment itinerary; all the other segments credited properly. The even stranger fact is that my wife is on the same reservation and she got it credited immediately. It is a paid PE segment (A fare)

- D1 meal pre-selection. Never get emails. Again, my wife on the same reservations gets hers.

- Odd grouping of flight activities on account page. Took a SEA-CDG round trip last October. Never saw it credited, while DL rep insists it has been. Turns out it was and it is displayed as part of a completely unrelated flight activity in May (SFO-AUS r/t). Only found by chance because without clicking on the entry it is invisible, except for the very large amount of miles credited to the SFO-AUS trip.

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Waa there a ticket exchange or leftover value from theSFO/AUS ticket and the other? DL groups everything by the ticket number. I have a flight from Jan 1 that is the return from an outbound back in July. I have to go back to July to find the entry with the credit listed for the Jan 1 flight. It counts correctly for 2019 status, it's just gets grouped together as part of one ticket which had first part post back in July. Confusing but how DL does it.

AS for pre selection, do you have emails set to send with DL? If you selected no emails, you won't get one. You can call in and theu can select the meal over phone.
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Thank you. I checked and the SFO-AUS and SEA-CDG indeed appearunder the same ticket number. The funny thing is that they were not originally. The two tickets were completely separate. What happened is that due to mechanical the SEA-CDG was reissued at the airport. We went from AF to DL metal on the outbound. Somehow the skyclub agent reissued it using the old SFO-AUS ticket number ??? My wife who was travelling with me on both trips has everything displaying regularly.

Is there a separate setting for emails ? I regularly get postflight feedback requests and such. I called and the agent said everything looked alright and I should be receiving all emails. They were pretty clueless though. Couldn’t reserve a meal since they did not know which were offered and it took a long time to explain I was not trying to request a special meal, but to choose from the D1 menu. This both on the phone and through @Delta.
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Same thing happens to me with D1 meal pre-selection emails, but only when traveling with my non-status partner. They get them with no problem. This only happens when we travel together. When I fly solo I’ve always received them.
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