2018 Elevate Your Status is Live

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Originally Posted by navi_jen View Post
Thank you for verifying my calculations. PVG>JFK posted correctly, didn't all fit on one screen grab. Now the question is, does Delta have a process to track progress (other than just submitting a request and calling)? To be safe, I reverted the outbound of my upcoming BOS>STT to a paid fare instead of points, just in case China Eastern continues to screw around. I don't want to miss PM by less than 1k miles.
I vaguely recall that the last time I submitted something for reprocessing via the online form, that checking that flight in the activity had the numbers zeroed out and the status code changed back to "processing" or something like that. Other than that I don't know if there is any other indication.

My only other thought would be to call in but you've already tried that

You could try submitting a web site comment (don't select "mileage credit issue" from the dropdown or I think it will direct you to the claim form) and hope it gets read by someone who will act on it...
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Elevate Your Status with $

I just saw this today on my profile. I'm short 980 MQM to make Gold and Delta is offering 1000 MQM for $599. I'm still thinking about it.

10,000 for $1,399 seems kind of steep, but if it gets you to Diamond then maybe it's worth it. $600 for Gold maybe not so much.
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Platinum in 2018, medical issues clipped my wings for a bit, and only flew enough to re-qual for Gold for 2019..

Got the "Elevate..." offer in late December, at 15k shy of Platinum. Yet the 12,500 MQM's would still leave me a bit short.

(overseas resident, so not fussed on the MQD's)

(A Delta agent I spoke with said she thought it odd, that they wouldn't have sent the offer unless it would "elevate" my status, but the math indeed doesn't. She filed a medical exception request & we'll see what comes.....)
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Status buy up offer

I dropped from DM to FO this year, and just got an email from delta offering buy up to Gold for $599. Anyone else getting these for other status levels? New for DL....
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Looks like this is just an Elevate Your Status offer which has been going on for many years now. The buy-up program runs through February 28th. These offers have been widely discussed here and there has been a new thread started on them each year when they go live at the end of the year. You've never noticed these threads before?

2018 Elevate Your Status is Live

Here's a thread on the second year of the buy mqm's program from way back in 2011 (there's probably a thread on the first year somewhere, but it didn't pop up immediately on a search). The offers have "evolved" quite a bit over the years.

Save that Mileage Run… Buy MQMs

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