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MSPeconomist Nov 27, 18 11:41 am

Originally Posted by pogopossum (Post 30469633)
As a Goldmember, if I have not been upgraded to Comfort+, before I check in at T-24 I look at the seat map and see if something has opened up better than what I have. If I find something I switch seats and check in. If not, I most likely will check in anyway, depending on the flight. Coming out of a hub, I usually find myself 25 out of 47 (or so) on any upgrade list so I no longer worry about it. ;)

I do remember that at some point check in time made a difference. Maybe in NWA days?


I think it was the opposite. IIRC, on PMNW the Chisholm Plat line agents told me *not* to check in if I was still waiting for an upgrade, I think the process was that once you checked in, you could get the upgrade only at the airport/gate, but if you waited to check in and upgrades became available, the top priority person who had not yet checked in would clear.

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