A few questions about a trip in FC

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Originally Posted by Lufthomie View Post

TheHorta, I have a question. How would you handle this?
Wifeís friend Michelle and her beau are going with us for 10 days. We have a place booked through Airbnb. Itís indulging alright at $200 a night. Right on the beach with a pool, exclusive neighborhood (north of PV).
All I know is that a deposit has been placed (Michelle picked the property) and we donít have to come up with our share right away. I could throw the whole thing on my CC thatís not a problem.

After we booked the flight, Michelle suffered medical issues and ended up having open heart and brain surgery the 2nd week of July. She was released with flying colors and my understanding is her Drís gave her the green light for the trip. Sheís 60 and prior to med issues was very active.

Once the rental is paid for what happens if Michelle cannot travel? I feel like a jerk just thinking about that scenario. I guess if itís paid we stay there ourselves. I have an Uncle who lives there and he wants us to stay with him if itís just the two of us. We would like to stay with him too. Regardless of where we stay we are taking an over night to Guadalajara with my uncle. I know Michelle did purchase trip travel insurance for the flight but the property hasnít been booked yet so thatís not covered.

I guess I didnít plan where we are staying that well. My uncle is aware of all the issues. I know I could call him from the PV airport last minute and he would fetch us in a minute.

Wife and I donít want to stay on the beach at the fancy rental if itís just the two of us.
What to do?
Iíd see what the AirBnB cancellation policy is for that particular rental. That will vary by each property. If itís moderate or generous, Iíd cancel right away so the owner has more time to relist the property. If it were only a few days, Iíd probably keep it, but your stay duration makes that quite pricey.

If the policy is strict (hope not) youíre going to pay a sizeable penalty and are probably better off using it anyway.

Either way, definitely get a commit from Michelle if her intention is to still come, if only to feel a little more relaxed about it.

Youíre a LEO and naturally want to be in control of every variable. Lots of moving parts here, and some outside your control, so I get the mild anxiety that can cause. ;-)

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Originally Posted by Lufthomie View Post

Yeah, we're the cute old couple.
Super sweet, thanks for sharing your story and have a great trip!

As to your question, you mentioned it was airbnb, which has different refund policies, from flexible, which is 1 day out cancellation, to strict, which is 50% refund, so you may need to dig a little with Michelle to understand what can be done.
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