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Clearing customs? but bags en route on a later flight.

Clearing customs? but bags en route on a later flight.

Old May 27, 18, 7:36 pm
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Just to wrap up.

What ended up happening is that our bags were delivered to our hotel 30 hours after we arrived. The contract agents had no clue about reimbursing costs and told us to contact "our airline" and mentioned that DL had left the bags in BOS. I used the CI contact form to ask about reimbursement (we didnt have phone service). They responded four days later via email to say they would reimburse us on our return flight only if we had the original receipts (which we did).

When we arrived at the airport for our return flight the CI counter was closed and no one was in sight (we were departing on JL). Luckily, when we checked in for our JL flight, the agents there asked us to wait for a CI representative and they made a few phone calls. Apparently CI had contacted JL and made a note in our record. We waited several minutes for a CI agent to arrive. We gave her the receipts and she handed us an envelope with cash (JPY). This would have been more useful at the beginning of the trip, but a trip to the bank back home isn't the end of the world.

I totally get that operationally CI is responsible for finding and delivering the bags, and also for reimbursing costs due to the delay. I don't dispute this. And our main complaint is with the delay hearing back from CI. It would have been better for CI to make sure their contract agents knew the delay reinbursement policy, or at least have a pamphlet or printout or internet link to point us to.

However, from a customer point of view, when you are traveling to a foreign country, your bags are at an unknown location, wondering if your nice clothes will arrive in time for your anniversary dinner (yes I know, never check anything important, but only so much fits in a carry-on), while your options for contacting airlines are limited, then hearing "not our problem" from the airline that left your bags behind feels rather hostile, even if it is factually correct. From our point of view, the path of least resistance to get ahold of anyone was DL Twitter. It might be asking a bit much, but to hear DL say even "it's CI's responsibility, please email them at xxxxx" would have felt significantly better.
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