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"Here’s A Look Back At Your 2017 Medallion Year" Email

"Here’s A Look Back At Your 2017 Medallion Year" Email

Old Jan 29, 18, 4:11 pm
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Question "Here’s A Look Back At Your 2017 Medallion Year" Email

Did anyone get this email with a link to a "personalized" video? If so, were you able to view it? While I'm sure it's filled with kitschy stuff, I'm curious to see what DL Marketing produced for me.
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Old Jan 29, 18, 4:17 pm
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Received it as well and tried to open on Ipad Pro and on MS Surface and neither platform worked, kept getting "Your video is not available at the moment" suspect the back-end servers of the marketing company producing the videos got crushed.
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Old Jan 29, 18, 4:22 pm
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I got the email, video also didn't work.

Also kind of curious what DL Marketing tossed together for this thing. AFAIK the only social media of mine they would be able to link up with is Twitter, and I don't post anything there - just have it to DM companies that provide customer service via the platform.

I would imagine we're going to get a bunch of stock photos of travel destinations that their computers thing are vacations or something, plus maybe some sort of indicator of status level, miles flown, etc. Perhaps an animated representation of the customer with a bulging pocket indicating # of DL Amex cards and/or annual spend.
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Old Jan 29, 18, 4:23 pm
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It's nothing personal at all, it's a generic video and an automated script overlays "you flew nine xillion miles and visited eleventeen cities" text on top of it
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Old Jan 29, 18, 4:24 pm
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I received it as well, and the site appears to be getting absolutely hammered. The video didn't play properly when I first visited, but returning 45 minutes later it eventually did load. It probably puts you in a queue to be rendered when you visit the first time, so if you want to see it, click the link then try again a half hour later.

You're not missing out on much: it's just a fill-in-the blanks marketing video with a few bits of text as overlays that have statistics on your 2017 travel (number of cities and countries visited; most frequent destination; BIS miles flown; frequent flier miles banked; and number of times you flew in J and F.) Most of this content can also be found in the Medallion account statement summary e-mails. The video itself is pretty nice, though - a bit reminiscent of the "getting up at 4:30AM 'off to work we go'" ad from a year or two back.

It's a cute idea, but I was hoping for some actual personalization based on my destinations when I clicked through from the e-mail - photos of destinations I visited, intl vs domestic split, that sort of thing. I can understand why they might not want to do that, though - for one, the data may not be accurate (they have my most frequent destination listed as Vancouver, since I drove up there to depart so much chasing cheap airfares), and for two, they might remind people of unpleasant travel (remember that 24 hours you spent in Atlanta when the power was out? Or when you went home for a funeral?)...
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Old Jan 29, 18, 4:24 pm
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Why would you do something like this unless you could actually get it to work? This just ended up ticking me off twice - on my phone and then later on my desktop.
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Old Jan 29, 18, 4:29 pm
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No problems watching it on my desktop. Haven't tried any other devices.
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Old Jan 29, 18, 4:35 pm
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I got my video to work on the third try. Apparently I got upgraded 65% of the time last year. It felt like much less.
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Old Jan 29, 18, 4:37 pm
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Got the email. Skimmed and deleted it about 10 seconds later.
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Old Jan 29, 18, 4:45 pm
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Ha! Mine went straight into Spam, or "Promotions" as gmail calls it. gmail knows better than I do as it typically does not put emails from Delta into spam!
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Old Jan 29, 18, 4:46 pm
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What an incredible waste of time and resources. Who do they pay to come up with this stuff? A genetic video with text that includes very personal lines like "You selected a choice benefit."
This kind of thing is supposed to make me feel more loyal to an airline?
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Old Jan 29, 18, 4:48 pm
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I thought it was nice of them to mention the 7 flights and 3 cities I visited. Sometimes a nice little thing is just a nice little thing.
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Old Jan 29, 18, 5:04 pm
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My video...

suggested that I visited San Francisco most often. Interesting given the fact I didn't go to SF a single time in 2017.
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Old Jan 29, 18, 5:16 pm
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I was able to view the video immediately. Nice idea, but didn’t work for me. Not surprisingly, it’s aimed at younger people flying on business trips; I’m a 75-year old leisure traveler. The concrete information was largely incorrect.The BIS figure was a lot lower than I flew. It said I flew to one country when I flew to four (not counting US); the number of cities was also incorrect. It was all about airplanes, not about travel. I’d like to have seen just two or three photos of Paris, or Japan, or a fjord, or a hiking trail. That would have made me want to book the next flight.
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Old Jan 29, 18, 5:36 pm
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Also told me I flew to lax the most. Vegas was the correct city.
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