Response to being thanked for status

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Response to being thanked for status

Random topic but how do you all typically respond when an employee thanks you for whatever medallion status you are?

Saying "thank you" in response to being thanked feels weird, but certainly better than "you're welcome." Anything clever or witty?
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I usually say 'Oh, that's my brother. I'm just flying under his name so I can get this great seat!'

Seriously, I never know what to say. I don't really like the attention, but at the same time I appreciate the effort and it usually means it will be a good flight.
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I always ask for compensation

I usually just give a genuine smile. I do appreciate them noticing/mentioning.
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I’ll generally acknowledge “Thanks for being Platinum Medallion” with a quick nod and maybe a bit of a smile; on the other hand, “Thanks for being a Million-Miler” (with or without mention of PM) gets a broader (but somewhat wry) smile and a response along the lines of “Yeah, it’s been quite a ride for 20-some years ...”
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look in the eye, genuine smile, nod.
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You could say - "It's a pleasure to fly an airline that has it's act together most of the time"
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A quick "Thank you" in return.

If I have time I'll thank them for their hard work at what can sometimes be a thankless job. I've worked with the public before myself and can sympathize with them and the crap they often have to put up with; showing empathy goes a long way with people.
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I usually do a simple thank you or, sometimes, "You guys make it easy..." or some such.
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Easy- I thank them back and tell them that as long as they stay reliable and friendly, I’ll stay loyal.
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I usually don't say anything in return, but now that you've brought it to my attention, I think next time I'll tell him/her, "It was a complete accident."
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I always smile and say thank you.
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Delta: “Thanks for being a Diamond Medallion.”

Me: “It’s the only bling I’ve got.”

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I say, "It's a pleasure", because all of my Million Miles are (p)leisure travel - - done for fun.
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I live in ATL what else do you expect me to do? (im kidding)
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"You know who I am?"
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