My 1st Go Around Delta 901


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My 1st Go Around Delta 901

I had my first go around on Tuesday. SDQ to JFK on DL 901.

First time I ever experienced one, but I knew something was wrong when I suddenly felt the plane change direction and speed increased (i was on the exit row wing) Capt. came on a few minutes later saying the runway was congested and we had to go around.

I know this is common, but this was a 1st for me. Caused the flight to land 20 minutes later than what we would have (but still ontime)
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My first time doing that was when I didn't know any better and just assumed this was normal. ;-)
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Not on with DL but with their European sibling AF. Had two go around at Istanbul Atatürk back to back. Ended up 1 hour late. We were expected to land right before the big wave of wide body arrivals, but by the time we were able to disembark, immigration was full and took another hour.
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I have had two go arounds so far:
1) On a Finnair flight landing in HEL, because a previous plane didn't take off in time
2) On a KLM flight landing in SFO, tower eventually didn't like the small distance between our flight and the other flight landing on a parallel runway
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I've never had one on Delta mainline but I have on Connection... PIT-LGA. Pilot told us we were too close to the plane in front of us. I appreciated the honesty, since on my only other go around (on JetBlue years ago FLL-JFK) the pilot and crew never said a word about it.
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A few times for traffic on the runway -- kind of normal.
Once in Sarasota because the landing gear light indicated a problem -- flew south a bit, then flew past the tower for a visual check. Knew it was serious when the FA changed out of her high heeled shoes and back to the work shoes she wore during the flight.
Once at DCA when the tower changed the approach direction. We were coming in on the river visual, at pretty much the last minute powered up and flew around to come in headed upriver. That was interesting.
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Saw a go around live and in person at SFO today. Was on the trail next to the SFO Marriott and a plane on approach lifted back off into the sky. Would assume it was due to congestion as the taxiways were packed and landing/takeoffs were busy.
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I've experienced two... one at BOS due to crosswinds, other at LAS due to debris on the runway.
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umm, I never thought to note them.
And I don't need to know why. I think the Delta crews talk too much as it is, I just want them to fly the plane.
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I've had two. YVR-MSP due to another plane on the runway, got a very nice aerial tour of downtown Minneapolis and then a sprint to my connecting flight once we finally landed. ATL-RDU in some pretty heavy rain, very close to touching down before powering up and going around.
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I would love to experience a go around as an AvGeek. Alas, haven't experienced one yet.
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I've had 4:

- BOS; plane on runway (this was back when they showed landing video on seat back screens - I kept thinking "there's a plane right in front of us!")
- SFO; fog
- ORD; plane on runway
- BOS; large cruise ship departing in line of flight approach
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I’ve had two, and both were on DL flights in the same week this past September-October! For perspective, I joked with the Captain of the second flight that it was my second go-around in less than a week. He laughed and said it was his first in three years!

Both flights technically arrived on-time, though.

Both were runway traffic related. Better safe than dead...Besides, the first one was a 752-loved the full-throttle climb- Beautiful sounds from the PW2000s...
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Originally Posted by wxman22 View Post
umm, I never thought to note them.
And I don't need to know why. I think the Delta crews talk too much as it is, I just want them to fly the plane.
Couldn't disagree more. 95% of the passengers on the plane will recognize that they are in an abnormal situation, so its important for passengers and crew to understand the situation to be able to prepare for a worst case scenario. For passengers that have some aviation knowledge, a lack of communication after a go-around likely indicates that there is a serious MX issue with the plane. You don't want to freak passengers out if the reason is traffic on the runway. On the one go-around I had, we had a MX issue and the pilot in no more than 10 words told us what the issue was, that we would be met by fire trucks and that we would be landing in 2 minutes. It was very well handled, and we needed that communication to appropriately prepare and keep passengers calm.
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Only once (though had an aborted takeoff once too). ATL-SEA, crosswinds were over the 753's max. Came in on final crabbing so hard (N-S approach) I could see the terminal from my left side window seat. Figured we'd be having to go around for that.
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