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flyerCO Nov 17, 17 11:11 pm

Originally Posted by jiburi (Post 29073054)
Complaint filed to Federal Court in Georgia.


What is the arguement?

HeadInTheClouds Nov 18, 17 12:01 am

What arrogance. For every airport I benefit from SC use when Iím flying UA (ie BNA), there is another where I benefit from a UC while flying DL (ie SNA). That is a big reason I maintain both paid memberships. Count me as HATING this change.:td:

synergistic Nov 18, 17 1:17 am

Originally Posted by bworrell (Post 29073381)
This is a bummer for me. I'm in a delta hub with just a single lounge in the whole airport (SLC). Unless I'm 100% loyal to Delta it means no lounge access for me when I fly anyone else.

Maybe we'll have more lounges when the new airport is built, but that will be a while...

I feel for you. I actually allowed my SC membership to lapse this year, but SLC is where I miss it the most. I've definitely considered reupping many times, but I have virtually no loyalty to DL - I really only fly them when I'm going all the way to or from TWF, when I don't have any other options. This rule change removes all value from SC membership for me - I'm actually surprised to hear that they only want DL loyalists to pay good money for SC memberships.

LBJ Nov 18, 17 3:48 am

I suspect this might prove a challenge for any lawsuit --
  • Crown Room facilities may be used only in conjunction with same-day ticketed air travel on Delta or Delta Connectionģ carriers.

LBJ Nov 18, 17 4:17 am

Originally Posted by gigglypug (Post 29073145)
Effective in 2019, you say??

splendid, that won’t ruin my plan to

- still pick a skyclub membership as one of my CBs for 2018
- use SC in IAH and other United hubs I’m likely to frequent
- proclaiming loudly my newfound loyalty to United whenever the dragons scan my SC number and no corresponding DL itinerary pops up

Can’t wait, this will be FUN!!

There are no SC's in IAH, but I'm sure the KL and AF lounge attendants in IAH who staff the KLM Crown Lounge and Air France lounge there and have nothing to do with DL will be impressed by your juvenile attitude.

LAXRuss Nov 18, 17 9:49 am

There once was a day when the Sky Club was a "club." If Delta changes its policy to deny access to Sky Club members who are not flying on Delta, then it is really undermining the business model of even having a membership. Why would anyone pay for a Sky Club membership, when it is cheaper to gain access through a credit card? For many years, I have enjoyed the membership, such as in situations when I flew AS under the alliance and DL would deny access to credit card holders flying their AS Code Share flight, but still allow with the DL Sky Club membership. In addition, I have enjoyed having the DL membership as a way to access the AF Salon when I was flying DL out of IAD where there is no Sky Club. Similarly, I have used a United Club membership to access their club, when I fly DL out of SNA, where there is no Sky Club for DL flights.

Again, if I cannot be guaranteed access to a DL Sky Club, regardless of carrier that I fly, then I can simply drop the annual membership fee and continue entering the clubs for free using my AMEX Cent card which I will retain in any case, and which thus already provides me complimentary access on the margin. In effect, Delta is dropping the exact access policies that encouraged me to retain a paid membership, when I already have access through a credit card.

scklumb Nov 18, 17 10:48 am

I talked about this a few months ago...

scklumb Nov 18, 17 11:06 am

This greatly affects me. Since I switched to AS a couple of years ago and am based in both SEA and MKE. I can see individual memberships or memberships under DM having the same day DL flight requirement. But executive memberships that people pay a high premium for should not have the requirement.

What about the $59 one time pass. Does that require the sameday DL flight requirement? If $59 membership allows you in but yet a ~$750 executive membership does not. :confused:

LBJ Nov 18, 17 12:41 pm

Yes, the single visit pass already has DL (or partner) flight requirement --
  • A Single Visit Pass must be used in conjunction with same-day ticketed air travel on Delta Air Lines or its partner airlines.

synergistic Nov 18, 17 12:53 pm

Originally Posted by scklumb (Post 29074737)
I talked about this a few months ago...

So you did - I even responded, expressing disbelief because I thought for sure they'd never try something like that for fear of mass refund requests. I should have considered the possibility that they'd just set the policy change far enough out to provide folks proper notice. I wonder what effect this will have on renewals of paid memberships this coming year.

yohanson Nov 18, 17 2:04 pm

Originally Posted by estedman (Post 29071627)
Zero effect on me, I have not flown another airline in 15 years.

I have only flown NWA/DAL for over the past 9 years domestically but it will still affect my international vacations. I gained nothing by the new rules.

Bowgie Nov 18, 17 4:11 pm

Originally Posted by UVAhoo06 (Post 29069691)
Under the new rules, can a DM with a SC membership access the SC on arrival after arriving from a domestic flight? (For example, if I flew from ATL-SFO, would I be able to use the SFO SC even though I'm not flying onward to anywhere else?)

Good question. I enter Skyclubs when I arrive at ungodly early hours when nothing in the arrival city is open yet.

The change sucks for SAN because the Delta and United clubs are right next to each other. I like to enter the Skyclub when flying United. I have to sometimes. Delta doesn't fly nonstop SAN-ORD, but United does, as an example. At least the change doesn't go into effect until 2019, which is exactly when I'll lose my Skyclub access because of Delta's new $250,000 cc spend required for maintaining Diamond status. Delta = always devaluing :td:

dinanm3atl Nov 18, 17 7:27 pm

Originally Posted by mikesyr18 (Post 29068497)
Do airlines every improve the perks instead of taking them away or making them more expensive, ever?

Yes. When things are not great. IE last recession. They needed loyalty. They needed PAX. Now it doesn't matter.

I have used the lounge in situations where not on DL. Not that much but it's an issue.

EarlVolFan Nov 18, 17 10:15 pm

Itís called an oligopoly...

Originally Posted by mikesyr18 (Post 29068497)
Do airlines every improve the perks instead of taking them away or making them more expensive, ever?

ijgordon Nov 18, 17 10:49 pm

Originally Posted by sanFF (Post 29069986)
Can we get around this by purchasing a refundable one way ticket on DL to get in then cancel the flight when you leave the lounge and all is good?

Near-textbook definition of fraud, but by all means, go for it. I can certainly envision DL getting in front of this and monitoring for cancelled tickets and taking action.
Its also very likely explicitly prohibited in the COC or other terms of use (I believe it is on AA).

ETA- couldn't actually find any language in DL's COC...but here it is from AA:

  • Fraudulent, fictitious and abusive bookings: Fraudulent, fictitious and/or abusive bookings are prohibited. These types of bookings are defined as any bookings made without having been requested by or on behalf of the named passenger. Additionally, creating bookings to hold or block seats for the purpose of obtaining lower fares, AAdvantage award inventory, or upgrades that may not otherwise be available, or to gain access to airport facilities, or to circumvent any of American Airlines' fare rules or policies, is prohibited without prior authorization from American Airlines.

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