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msglsmo Apr 11, 17 10:07 am

"not complimentary upgrade eligible"
I'm trying to figure out why this isn't eligible for upgrade. I booked myself (Silver Medallian), my wife and daughter (both no status) for a R/T flight MCI-ATL-FLL in Main Cabin (X and V) for a trip in June.

However, the reservation says, "NOT COMPLIMENTARY UPGRADE ELIGIBLE" for some reason. What am I missing? Is it because there are three of us?

LBJ Apr 11, 17 10:12 am

Medallions are only eligible to upgrade one companion. Having more than one companion on the same PNR results in no one being upgrade eligible. You will need to split the PNR if you want to be eligible to upgrade yourself and one companion. Given the low odds of an upgrade for a Silver, you may likely just keep everyone on the same PNR and forgo upgrade eligibility.

kxc262 Apr 11, 17 10:13 am

Originally Posted by msglsmo (Post 28161905)
Is it because there are three of us?

That's your answer. I had a similar scenario myself. Rebooked for me and +1 and put last person on a separate reservation.

Regardless, I don't think you'll get upgraded as a FO going thru ATL/FLL. Too many DMs.

Widgets Apr 11, 17 11:20 am

If you decide to split reservations, don't leave your daughter on her own reservation alone if she's 14 or younger. If so, you won't be able to check her in online and will have to check in at the airport.

C W Apr 11, 17 11:37 am

I concur that there is no point in splitting your PNR to become upgrade eligible.

Not only are you an FO on V and X fares, which are Delta's lowest and second lowest cash booking classes respectively, you would presumably be splitting the PNR so that you and a member of your party would be together. In this case you would only be cleared for upgrades if you were #1 on the list for 2 or more seats. This is, as others have pointed out, extremely unlikely. If you were #1 for 1 seat and #2 was a party of one then #2 would get the upgrade. These scenarios are mostly hypothetical though, since out of ATL you could easily be #50 or deeper.

s0ssos Apr 11, 17 12:03 pm

It is funny how I am upgrade capable, yet have no status (was GM last year). Anyway, I guess I am on the list because I cannot remove my Delta number to put in my Alaska number because I am currently listed.

msglsmo Apr 12, 17 6:22 am

Thank you everyone - I appreciate the replies. I assumed it was due to have three on the PNR, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

Nick22 Apr 12, 17 6:46 am


If you and two or more companions are in the same reservation: All Members must have Medallion Status or be a partner airline elite member in order for any Members to be eligible for upgrades to Delta Comfort+. Each Member should check in separately and they will clear for their upgrade at their respective clearance priorities. If the party is comprised of all Medallion Members and everyone checks in together, then the party will be eligible for upgrades at the lowest tiered Medallion Member’s clearance priority. If there are any General Members in the reservation and everyone checks in together, no one will be eligible for Complimentary Delta Comfort+ Upgrades.

mnredfox Apr 12, 17 8:19 am

Originally Posted by msglsmo (Post 28166854)
Thank you everyone - I appreciate the replies. I assumed it was due to have three on the PNR, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

OP, you could split the PNR so you are by yourself (or one companion) if you want one of the UG's (or two possibly). Keep in mind you will get this message on a PNR if you have any non medallions on your PNR for award trips.

Zeeb Apr 12, 17 9:49 am

I'm going to piggyback on this - I had an itinerary with my wife get split in to 2 seperate PNRs. She has no status. We have some flights in a few weeks that (based on prior experience - mid-day flights midweek that are bigger than they need to be to reposition a plane) generally empty out the upgrade list and even fly with empty seats in first. Given the separate PNRs is there any way to get her even on the last spot in the list like she would be if they hadn't split our PNRs?

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