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Radiocycle Apr 10, 17 10:50 pm

DL60 GIG-ATL Delta One meal service
I will be traveling in mid May on DL60 a 9 hour 45 minute flight from GIG to ATL recently, its a A330 however it just says "dinner" for meals.

On a 9 hr 45 minute flight in Delta One what would the meal service be.


DLDiamond2013 Apr 10, 17 10:59 pm

Originally Posted by Radiocycle (Post 28158909)
I will be traveling in mid May on DL60 a 9 hour 45 minute flight from GIG to ATL recently, its a A330 however it just says "dinner" for meals.

On a 9 hr 45 minute flight in Delta One what would the meal service be.


This link contains an extensive trip report in Delta One from SCL-ATL, including a look at what a Delta One menu will look like. Your food options will likely be different, but the range of service, number of options, timing, etc. will be very similar.

Radiocycle Apr 11, 17 10:50 pm

I would like to hear from somebody who has flown DL60 from GIG-ATL in DeltŠ One. It's a A330 not a 767-300ER (referring to that trip report)

Also That trip report is 15 months ago, a lot changes in in flight service in less time than that. And it's a trip report of ATL outbound, service originating in South America is usually catered in South America, I really want to hear how the service is on this flight from someone who took it from GIG in DeltŠ One.

Anyone flown DL60 in DeltŠ One recently who can give some input?


jdrtravel Apr 11, 17 11:39 pm

two points:

1) This question belongs in the meal thread. This thread is highly subscribed and people will almost always answer your question:

2) In general, I think it's really hard to predict what you will eat and what the quality will be like on any route. There are just too many variables. You could find someone who took this exact flight yesterday and still your experience could be wildly different.

Cory6188 Apr 12, 17 6:38 am

Not that this is particularly helpful, but I flew GIG-ATL in Y last year, and other than the standard variations of some of the packaged items being Brazilian brands (as is the case for most flights departing other countries), it was the same as any other 8-10 hour DL flight I'd been on.

Given that, my guess is that they might have a local Brazilian entree option for dinner on the menu, and you may see one or two prepackaged snacks available that are a Brazilian brand, but beyond that, probably will be the same full D1 dinner service after takeoff and breakfast before landing that you'd get on any other similar length flight.

mersk862 Apr 12, 17 8:16 am

Current menu for April 2017 (this is for Brazil to US Northbound):

Hummus with roasted squash, pomegranates, pine nuts and cauliflower

Roasted Beets Salad with poached apples, watercress, goat cheese and candied pecans, served with balsamic vinaigrette

Cauliflower Soup with brown butter and garlic croutons

Carne Seca - jerked beef with rice and baby yucca

Fire Roasted Red Chimichurri Chicken Thigh with creamy polenta and roasted brussels sprouts

Roasted Pumpkin and Pesto Cavatelli with ricotta salata and winter greens

Chilled Plate cold poached salmon with lemon sauce, poached potatoes and chili sauce

Premium all natural vanilla or passion fruit ice cream sundae
Condiments included are whipped cream, wafer cookie, nuts and a choice of chocolate or strawberry sauces

Mango Mousse

Cheese Platter with fresh fruit and chutney
1) Swiss
2) Blue
3) Gouda


Butter croissants and cinnamon danish pastries and p„o de queijo (seen pictured)
offered with butter and strawberry preserves
Seasonal Fresh Fruit

Cereal with milk

Torrejas (spanish-style french toast) filled with apples and cream cheese

Quiche with wild mushrooms, potatoes and caramelized onions

Appetizers and salad change monthly, but the entrees, desserts and breakfast tend to stay the same.

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