Delta Compensation Definitive Thread

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initial flight was canceled for non-weather and ATC reasons
Cancellation was DL's fault--not weather or ATC.
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Originally Posted by Winglets747 View Post

Cancellation was DL's fault--not weather or ATC.
What was stated reason?
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Originally Posted by sxf24 View Post
If CO/DL/US gave out compensation for 5 hour ATC delays, they'd be broke.
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Assuming a mechanical delay or crew related delay, then a nicely worded polite email to Customer Service will likely get you a DL voucher for about $100.
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I was subject to an INVOL Reroute and DL stuck me on AA.
The flights got me home at 2:00am some 4 hours later than my scheduled DL flights.

I asked for original routing credit for the MQM's.

Any chance of getting a voucher?

I thought DOT mandated tiered compensation for delays of 2 and 3.5 hours??
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What compensation can I expect for being alive? Whatever it is, Delta owes it to me!
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Originally Posted by Winglets747 View Post

Cancellation was DL's fault--not weather or ATC.
Makes absolutely no difference. Did you read the contract of carriage?
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Originally Posted by longing4piedmont View Post
Makes absolutely no difference. Did you read the contract of carriage?
Absolutely correct.

I think that I've mentioned this before. Any compensation DL gives you is a gesture of goodwill.
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Any chance of compensation? -- 50,000 mile ticket, severely delayed flight.

Hi -- I'm writing after getting to Montreal at 12:45 AM on what is now a shorter weekend after spending 50,000 miles to get here from ATL. The flight was supposed to get in at 8:15. Can I even attempt to get compensation for a delay like that? I only ask because since I used miles it might be easier for Delta to let "refund" to my account. Thanks for any responses.
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What was the cause of the delay? If it was weather, expect nothing. How did the 4.5 hour arrival delay affect you? Did you lose your hotel room? No rental cars left when you arrived? If your original arrival was 8:15 PM anyway by the time you picked up a car and checked into the hotel what was left to do? Did you have reservations for a late dinner? Miss meeting up with friends or family?

Although delays are frustrating they unfortunately are all too common. Honestly, 4.5 hours isn't bad when you consider you, and your luggage, arrived at your destination safely. Cheers.

OK, I just checked the flight status from yesterday:

Flight 4188 on Fri, 31 Aug 2007 (Operated by Delta Partner Atlantic Southeast Airlines)

City Scheduled Actual City Scheduled Actual
Atlanta (ATL) 5:46pm 9:15pm Montreal (YUL) 8:18pm 11:43pm
Gate C25 31 Aug 31 Aug Gate C87 31 Aug 31 Aug

Delta is not going to take into consideration the time it took you to get from the airport to your destination. Better get your story straight before you call/write them.

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So, since we're agreed that 3.5 hours doesn't constitute a "severe" delay, let's have a quick poll of how long it takes for a delay to become severe.

I vote for 12 hours.
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I lost something like 14 hours out of a 48 hour trip on AA a few months ago due to weather elsewhere in the system (not along our route) and got nothing when I wrote in...... However, if the issue was mechanical and not even remotely weather related, you may still be able to make a case and get a few miles. If the delay was weather related - even just affecting the plane coming into your departure location from somewhere else - forget it.
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Originally Posted by cellist View Post
. . .let's have a quick poll of how long it takes for a delay to become severe.
If your new arrival time is later than your scheduled return, I'd call that severe.
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These days a 2 1/2 hour delay is almost considered "on time." My mom and sis were flying ATL/JAN Friday night and there were all sorts of weather problems. I think their flight was about two hours late arriving in JAN (9:30 p.m.) and they really didn't even consider it a minor inconvenience. They were connecting from DEN. They were just glad they weren't spending the night in ATL on their on dime, or worse, at the airport. I believe they think DL did pretty well, all things considered. Mom said she thought GAs and captain did a good job with updates. I'm sure the fact that they were in 3CD sipping gin and tonic while waiting for pushback didn't hurt.
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One thing everyone is forgetting about.

This is CANADA and what rules US has re: compensation et al
does NOT necessarily apply.... on a "free" award ticket to boot--

Further, arrivals into CANADA these days have alot more scruntiy
regarding customs and immigration enforcement and inspection than
we have in the US and landing/gating MIGHT be delayed until they're
good and ready....

With OP's scenario as described I don't see what circumstance would entitle for any compensation...
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