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Invitation to tea and cake at Delta security office, JFK on Friday 9th September

Invitation to tea and cake at Delta security office, JFK on Friday 9th September

Old Sep 2, 16, 6:55 am
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Angry Invitation to tea and cake at Delta security office, JFK on Friday 9th September

Dear Delta Investor Relations,

I couldn't find an email contact for Delta Press Relations, so hopefully you can pass this invitation on to them... I'm writing to invite them to a media event at the Delta security office at JFK on Friday the 9th of September. The event will be held in celebration of the 50th day that my bag has been held by the Delta baggage handlers of JFK. Assuming Delta continue to fail at repatriating it to London over the next week (which I'm very confident is a reliable assumption), the 50th anniversary will also coincide with the date of the bag's repatriation to the UK. I'm excited to announce that I will be attending this repatriation event myself in person. Based on the high level of confidence that I have in Delta's incompetence, I have booked my flight to the event already. My travel itinerary is attached.

Given the distance I am traveling to attend, I'll also be publicising both the journey and the event on social media to enable as many airline incompetence fans as possible to share in the occasion.

I will also be inviting the British Airways baggage handlers at JFK to attend as my guests of honour. They have kindly offered to fly the bag back to London on your behalf, but apparently you are refusing to hand it over to them, despite the fact that it was technically "rerouted" onto flight BA226 on 31st July in your baggage handling system. I feel it is only appropriate to reward their patriotic efforts by inviting them to join us for cake to celebrate the reunion and their part in it.

So, on Day 50 of the #Deltafreethebag campaign, I will be making a day trip from LHR to JFK to retrieve it myself. I will send you the bill for my British Airways flight. Do not worry about the 52,000 BA airmiles part of the invoice; I am only too happy to spend them on some positive media exposure for baggage liberation rights.

If you or your colleagues should have any cake preferences, allergies or other dietary requirements please do let me know; I had planned to bring Battenberg, mini Bakewells and perhaps some scones for afternoon tea, in anticipation of the Delta baggage handlers keeping us waiting slightly longer than necessary...although I wouldn't be adverse to extending the event over a couple of hours to allow more of your staff to join us via a rota system. It sounds like your baggage handlers have had a lot on their plate the last four weeks, so hopefully they will appreciate the short break and a cup of English Breakfast Tea which I will serve upon my arrival.

Please do feel free to extend this invitation to any of your investors who may be passing through JFK on the day of the anniversary. I would be happy to bring more cake to accommodate them.

Please also pass the invitation on to your Customer Services representatives (all 6 of them that I've spoke to), they are most welcome in thanking me for my "patience". There are 6 mini Bakewells per pack, but I may bring two packs if they call me between now and next Friday. However since I haven't received a single incoming communication from Delta during the past 33 days of baggagelessness I will assume only one pack is needed.

I also wanted to thank you for any additional British Airways tier points that I might accrue on this trip. I am anticipating attaining BA Bronze status on the same day as the anniversary, when I complete the return leg of the repatriation. I will dedicate this Bronze to Delta in appreciation.

My bag and I are both looking forward to celebrating with you next Friday.

Best regards,

London, UK
JFK, New York NY, USA
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Old Sep 2, 16, 6:57 am
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Terrific post! Good luck with #freethecaptivebag, JKW29!
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Old Sep 2, 16, 7:14 am
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A brilliant post. Good luck with your campaign!
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Old Sep 2, 16, 7:16 am
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Good luck! #Deltafreethebagwithcake
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Classic ^

Don't forget to claim the 2,500 Skypesos for your bag not being delivered within 20 minutes.
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This is a thing!!!!
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Originally Posted by Deltafreethebagwithcake View Post
#Deltafreethebag campaign
Originally Posted by char777 View Post
This is a thing!!!!
No, really not so much. And is there not RFID for this now?
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Old Sep 2, 16, 8:01 am
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Genius! Do keep up updated.
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Love this!
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Good luck yer gonna need it!!



That said please be a dear and bring Walkers Shortbread for the tea. They are really delightful little biscuits with afternoon tea.
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Best. First post. Ever.
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Originally Posted by LoganFlyer View Post
Best. First post. Ever.
Agreed. ^

This and printingandbreakfastinlounge or something.
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Old Sep 2, 16, 8:43 am
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This is fantastic.

But seriously, you might also want to send Delta's legal office in the UK a Letter Before Action stating that you intend to sue them in a UK court for the cost of your baggage (up to the maximum limit of about 1185) under the Montreal Convention. That might get things moving.
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Originally Posted by LoganFlyer View Post
Best. First post. Ever.
+1 ^

"... punch and pie"

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Originally Posted by henkybaby View Post
Agreed. ^

This and printingandbreakfastinlounge or something.
That was this one: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/briti...o-manners.html

Thanks to wrp 96 for posting the correct title.
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