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thesaints Jul 15, 16 4:01 pm

Ticket price drop
Just saw that I ticket I purchased some time ago now goes for half the price. It is a $700 difference
Any way I could take advantage of that, like cancelling, pay the penalty and rebook ?

publicmsu Jul 15, 16 4:04 pm

Call and pay the change fee, you'll still save yourself at least 400$.

MSPeconomist Jul 15, 16 4:20 pm

It depends on what the penalty is. For tickets exUSA, it's almost surely significantly less than $700, but could be higher or the tickets could be totally unchangeable in some markets.

PayItForward Jul 16, 16 5:15 am

Sounds like the savings are significant enough do it if the fare rules are the same e.g. Are the new fares E?

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