IFE in Y to/from Hawaii?

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If there's Delta Studio, I think some but not all of the movies are free (and you don't need to purchase gogo to use it).
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Glad I saw this now. Planning on going to OGG in May. May look at other airlines for times and lower prices.
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Originally Posted by Eddie98 View Post
Glad I saw this now. Planning on going to OGG in May. May look at other airlines for times and lower prices.
As indicated earlier in the thread, most airlines have their crappiest planes flying to Hawaii. For example, the American (ex-USAir ex-ex-America West) flights from PHX to the islands are 1985-vintage and have not been refurbished. I think that the ratio of planes flying to Hawaii with AVOD to those without is certainly not worse for DL than for most other major carriers.
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Originally Posted by bubbashow View Post
Heaven's! What would have happened.....um....8 years ago when none of it existed? I went to Hawaii every year as a kid. We had screens at the front of the cabin on some of the flights....books on the rest. (I even remember Pacific East Airlines DC8-63 playing BINGO with numbers announced over the PA). We enjoyed the flights just fine. I know I sound like some old "get off my lawn" ba$*#$d, but come on,
talk....read....relax...it's only 5-6 hours.

Edited to add this December: DTW-SEA - "Elf" on the overhead monitor, SEA-HNL connection "Elf" on the overhead monitor, HNL-SEA - "Elf" on the overhead monitor. A few cocktails added each flight, it was funny each time.
Bingo over the PA? Interesting. I dare you to go over to the AA forum and mention that in "Lack of Cockpit Announcements" thread.
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Originally Posted by ColonelForbin View Post
If you're flying to Hawaii from LAX/SEA/SFO, be warned that Delta flies some of their oldest, non-refurbed 757's on these routes. There is no seat-back IFE, and the cabins look much as they did when they were delivered from ATA in the 90's. Delta lists this aircraft as the 75V:


It's not a guarantee that you'll get this plane, though. I was on a refurbed 757 with seat back IFE flying from Maui to LAX last year, so it can be luck of the draw.
The good news is that the three remaining 75Vs are due to be withdrawn from use by the end of Q1 2016. So hopefully by Q2 2016, the odds of being on a non-AVOD equipped 757 will be almost non-existant, as there will only be a few non-refurbished birds flying then, as the mods are being done in earnest during the slower winter schedule.
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