Strange email!

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Strange email!

Thank you for choosing Delta. This information is a copy of your itinerary and not a receipt. If you are holding this itinerary, be sure to complete your purchase before the deadline by calling 1-800-221-1212. For a complete list of world wide phone numbers, please visit...

What's this all about? The itinerary they reference was purchased (with miles) months ago.

Anyone else getting something like this?
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I got the same email for an itinerary I booked for a family member with miles. Oddly, I haven't received anything (at least yet) for my itinerary which was also booked with miles around the same time (we have different itineraries and are originating in different places). Don't know why it was sent. I have to call DL about something else tonight anyway so I'll ask when I call.
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Possibly unrelated, but I accidentally emailed someone an unwanted itinerary. Simple buttons were recently added to email itineraries, and I had the wrong PNR displayed (previous customer's). This was about a month ago, though..
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So I forgot to ask while I was on the phone with DL. As I was finishing the primary purpose of my call another call I was expecting came through.

But I think it could be a schedule update. I checked the original email I received from DL when I booked this ticket and compared it to the email I received today and noticed minor schedule updates (flight changes of 30 min or so). None of the changes are enough to request a new flight but are enough to factor when they should show up at the airport.

Recommend comparing the email you got to the original itinerary and seeing if that's the case for you as well.
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What Widgets says makes sense. I called in to check on a GUC wait list and a minute later I got an email of the itineraries. I didn't ask for it and the agent didn't say anything that made me think he was going to send it. If it's a new button that's easy to click that may explain it.
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